“Xerox Machine” Essay in English|| What is “Photo Copier Machine”?



Now every street,village and Road side one essential equipment machine is present. Its name is Xerox machine.The Xerox machine is a great invention of science. It’s other name is “Photo Copier Machine“. As a result of the invention we can Copy any letter, document, certificate on even any page from the book, without typing in hand, and copying as much as we want directly with the help of the machine Demand For this specially has grown significantly as a result of recent Corporate Scandals In Xerox . Many people Can make good money using It.


How it Works:

The question arises, How the Xerox machine works. What is the Scientific reason behind this ? In general, the answer is Xerox work is only possible by day writing or then “dry ink.”. It simply came to our notice then”.


Everyone knows that writing on ink’s Solution is done with the help of pens But now the use of dot pens or ball pens has been reduced Instead of black pen. In dot pens, however, the liquid ink is slightly enlarged and filled with refill.But a special type of dry ink powder is used in the Xerox machine. This also makes dry writing possible.The scientific evidence behind this is mainly based on the “principle of static Electricity”.The machine uses a metal called selenium to control it.


Everyone is watching the Xerox machine while the lightning is moving from one side to another side of the paper to other side of the paper.This automatically copies the desired paper onto another plain paper, scientific reason says that when lightning is driven from one side of the machine to the other,it falls into the selenium metal inside the machine.Because the metal is a photosensitive,it also reduces the resistance to electricity.


One thing everyone has noticed is that when a lot of copies of an Xerox machines text get up the machine driver bends down a bit and puts the writing paper on a glass inside the machine.Then the machine user  press a button on the machine.As a result,clean lightning strikes the paper. The drums and selenium metal below it cannot fall on the drum shaped machine.


This is because of the fact that there is less resistance to electricity for that metal.And the drums are decorated in such a way that the machine also has a special kind of balck powder,When fixed electricity is running .All that moment,the text of the selenium metal came in contact with you and the ink automatically popped up on the white paper.


Then the paper passed through another hot chamber in the machine,which slowly moved out. A copy of the original text was found,if you need more copies of this article then there is also a provision in the interest of the machine. As long as the number has a keyboard you only need to squeeze as much as you need. This will automatically stop the machine from running until the copy comes out and then shutdown automatically.


Nowadays, the Xerox machine is very helpful for day-to-day life. Every day more people & students make a Xerox copy for the official word , document, certificate, Notes and much more for requirements.


The wonders of science are indescribable. There was a time when the handwriting was annoying by man. We have to thank the Xerox machine today for lightening the load. 


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