Write A Letter To The Bank Manager To Share An Innovative Idea To Reduce ATM Forgeries

This post contains a format of a letter to the bank manager to share an innovative idea to reduce ATM forgeries and to boost digital banking.

Dharmananda Jena

Sector – 24


15 June, 2023

The Bank Manager

UCO Bank,


Sub: Requesting to share an innovative idea to reduce ATM forgeries and improve digital banking


I am bringing to your notice that ATM forgery cases are increasing nowadays in our branch area. My brother and I have recently been a victim of an ATM forgery in which he lost 18000 rupees. My brother has been visiting your bank lately regarding the same. I am extremely thankful for the support of management. At the same time it pains me to know that these types of forgeries are not new and have taken a toll in the last 1 year in our locality.

In this regard, I have an idea which can prevent innocent people from suffering in this situation. ATMs are a daily or household thing for monetary transactions for daily needs. For transaction a unique PIN is required at the time of withdrawal money on an ATM.

My idea is to replace that digital PIN with the Iris Scan. Every account holder must link their iris scan with the account and every time the money is withdrawn at an ATM, the iris scan will be used as a passcode instead of a PIN.

This idea will not only help curb forgery done at ATM booths but also will make it easier for the people to operate their account as they will not be required to remember various passcodes and it will boost the digital banking features.

Thanking you,

Sincerely yours,


Dharmananda Jena

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