What is the environment? Describe its scope

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What is the environment? Describe its scope. 


What is Environment?

An Environment generally refers to physical conditions. This condition is visible and surrounding us. Earth’s chemical, biological atmosphere surrounding humans is called the environment.The condition and development of the living world depends on this environment. Environment is the group that affects the daily life of human beings, behavior and society. Everything that surrounds man means, These include pesticides, deforestation and scientific experiments. 

As soon as our atmosphere is damaged due to this pollution, humans are making life difficult by consuming this air. Therefore, public awareness is sought to create a healthy environment by de-polluting the environment. A strong public opinion is needed to reduce the impact of pollution. Forestry should create public opinion for a healthy environment. Protecting the environment is paramount to save human society from the clutches of death. 



Scope Of Environment.

For this, various steps should be taken. 

1.Efforts by the government and the private sector to create public opinion should be sustained. For proper protection and improvement of the environment, various workshops, walks and seminars should be held.  

2.College N.S.S. Youth and student society should take active part through camp and create public awareness in rural areas regarding a healthy environment.  

3.There is a close relationship between environmental conservation and tree planting. We know that ‘water is life’. Now we belive that ‘tree is life’. Therefore, we should plant trees through the path of one tree, one life. Without trees, animals cannot survive. We live by taking the oxygen in the air into the body through breathing. This oxygen is made by trees.  

4.To create public awareness about the ill effects of environmental pollution, provision should be made through television, authentic films. Government and private organizations should display authentic pictures and environment related slides in the villages. – 

5.Social forestry system should be given more importance. Provision should be made so that wildlife resources are not destroyed. Cutting down trees blindly should be a religious crime. 


6.Text books and various journals should include articles on the horrors of environmental pollution and its remedies. Even schools and colleges should teach environment related courses.

7.There is a need to provide government financial assistance to various voluntary organizations established in rural areas. This voluntary institution should create mass awareness through various workshops, lectures and drawings in the rural areas.  

8.Protection of medicinal plants in our environment is essential. But due to the destruction of forests, many trees, shrubs and bushes have disappeared from the surface of the earth. Forests directly and indirectly benefit human society. Forests are particularly helpful in maintaining regular rainfall and soil conservation.So protecting the wildlife is a very important thing.  

9.Many cars, motorbikes, scooters and motorcycles stop at the intersections of the city and the market,They stop for five to ten minutes and make a loud noise. thereby causing noise pollution. Therefore, road users should be made aware of noise pollution.

10. A healthy environment can be created by preventing population growth. So every couple should vow for one or two children.  

11.In 1994, due to environmental pollution, plague epidemic took form in the city of Surat. So we want to create public opinion to clean the city and market.  

12. One should set up a toilet on one’s own stick without turning it into a pond or a river bank. As a result, pond and river water will get rid of pollution.  

13.The owners of factories and factories will plant trees in sufficient quantities.  

14.Protecting the environment is protecting the human race. So people need awareness.  

15.Sewers, gutters and waste places have to be disinfected in a scientific manner. Therefore, if the social, cultural, economic and natural environment is destroyed, the destruction of human civilization is inevitable. So it is everyone’s duty to keep this environment clean and healthy. A person’s happiness, success, failure, life depends on the environment. We should all know that this We are only a part of the living world of the vast earth. 

16.If we collect the rightful demands of life from Mother Nature, she will provide the necessary resources. From this point of view, a healthy environment requires the protection of beautiful nature that can protect humans from certain diseases.  


So it is very important for man to think differently for his own safety. His first concern will be to change his lifestyle, to turn human life and society towards nature. This will be the last resort. So it has its beginning in the hands of man, who is the greatest creature in the universe. 




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