What Is Resources and Mobilisation Of Resources?

What Is Resources?

The sources of supply from which benefit produce is called resources. Generally it includes energy services steps, knowledge and other assets that are transferred to produce benefit. The proper utilisation of resources enables an organisation to increase wealth and ensure its proper functioning. Normally these resources are divided into 2 types.

  • Financial Resources
  • Non Financial Resources

What Is Financial Resources?

The resources which are very much required for meeting startup and operating expenses of a business unit are called financial resources. Generally it is expressed in terms of money. Such financial resources can be obtained from the personal account of the owner or as loans from financial institutions, friends and relatives.

What Is Non Financial Resources?

The Resources which are not required in the form of money but are very much essential and play a vital role in the success of an organisation are called Non Financial Resources. It is further divided into 3 types such as:

Manpower Resources

Knowledge Resources

Physical Resources

What Is Manpower Resources?

The Manpower Resources are very much essential for carrying out productive operations of the organisation. The talented and experienced employees having a track record ensures the achievement of the objective of the organisation. They also ensure smooth running of the organisation.

What Is Knowledge Resources?

Nowadays knowledge is considered as an important source as it provides competitive advantage to the organisation. It also helps in the process of change and manage the organisation in a more innovative and better way.

What Is Physical Resources?

The other most important Non Financial Resources is physical resources. Generally it is required for service and growth so every organisation should arrange these resources smoothly. The physical resources includes:

1.Proper Workplace

2.Adequate Information System

3.Working Telephone Line

4.Effective Marketing Material

What Is Mobilisation Of Resources?

The process or all activities which are concerned with securing or procuring resources required for attaining organisational objective is called Resources Mobilization or Mobilisation Resources. Generally it deals with acquiring the needed resources in a timely and cost effective way.

In other words Resources Mobilization is the process of obtaining resources from different sources and implementing them through different mechanisms for achieving the predetermined organisational objective.

Objective Of Resources Mobilization

For the sake of clarification some of the most important objectives of resources Mobilisation are discussed below.

Utilisation Of Resources

The primary objective of Resources Mobilisation is to ensure efficient and effective utilisation of resources. It is an organisation to derive maximum benefits from minimum resources.

Innovation and Development Supporting

Innovation and development is another objective of Resources Mobilization. It also enables an organisation to update technology and perform a particular work in a new and better way.

Ensure Advancement

The mobilisation of resources ensures advancement of product and services. It indirectly helps an organisation to capture a huge share of the market and maximise profit.

Growth & Expansion

The growth and expansion of enterprise is very much dependent upon the mobilisation of resources. So the resources of an organisation are considered as its heart. Which is playing a crucial role in its existence and continuity.

Smooth Operation

Another important objective of resources Mobilisation is to ensure smooth operation of organisational activity. It also helps to face uncertainties and solve the conflict effectively.

Future Oriented

The support of future efforts of the organisation is yet considered as another objective of Resources Mobilization. It enables an organisation to undertake future courses of action in a most effective manner.

Ensure Adequate Funding

Another important objective of Resources Mobilization is adequate funding. It enables an organisation to achieve organisational results at the global, regional and country level.

Generating New Business

The Mobilisation of resources helps an organisation in generating new business in order to stay in business. It enables both private and public sectors to ensure proper utilisation of available resources in a profitable manner according to demand.

Improvement Of Profit

Another most important objective of Resources Mobilization is to improve the quality of product and services. It always aims at providing better quality goods in comparison to currently provided.


The last but not the least objective of Resources Mobilisation is to ensure sustainability of the organisation. It also helps an organisation carry on all its activities for a long period in a profitable manner.

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