What is Internet? Uses of internet & How internet works?

What Is  Internet?            

In this page we discussed about the internet and Basic uses of internet in different stages and situations. Some of the most important defination and uses of the internet are discussed below.           

The internet is a massive body of network, a networking infrastructure. It connects millions of computers together globally, forming a network in which any computer can communicate with any other computer as long as they are both connected to the internet.

In other words , it is a global system of interconnected computer networks , connecting millions of computer through which exchange of information such as data, news and opinion etc. is possible. It uses the TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/ Internet Protocol) to serve billion if users worldwide.

So, TCP/IP can be called backbone of internet. It is a network of networks that consists of millions of private and public ,academic, business and government networks.

The Internet is often called “The information Highway”,that implies that there is a straight clear path of obtaining information . It connect thousand of computer networks. Each computer in internet is called a host ,is independent. Through telephone wires, fiber optical cable and satelite links, internet users can share variety of information.

The internet is a huge ocean of information of resources and services such as interlinked hypertext document of the worldwide web, online chatting, online banking, file transfer and sharing, online gaming, online education, books, movies, sports and email etc.

It allows users to connect to server all around the world, view web pages and send email etc. During 1991-93 commercial use of internet took its speed.

  • For the first time on August 15 1995 BSNL (Bharat sanchar Nigam Limited) and ISP ( Internet Service provider) launched internet service in india.
  • The first political party of India is Bharatiya Janata party create own website on internet.
  • First telephone directory on internet was made available in Sikkim state.

Equipment Required For Using Internet



3.Web browser

4.Telephone line 

5.Internet service provider (ISP) 


Any good IBM compatible, Macintosh or UNIX computer that has good storage 4 GB or more harddisk, 32MB RAM and 300MHZ processor.


It is a short form of modulator and demodulator. To connect the internet through telephone or telecomunication line a modem is required.It is s link between Internet service provider and browser. Our competent sends data in binary code to modem which converts the binary coded data to an analogue signal. This data then travels along the telephone network.

When the data reaches the destination computer, the modem connected to that computer converts the analogue signal back into binary coded data which can be read by destination computer. Thus the modem transmits data in pulse form over the network through telephone line.

To maintain compatibility in between computer system and telephone lines needs modem which converts digital signal to analouge signal and analogue signal to digital signal. The speed of modem measures in BPS (Bits per Second)

There are two types of modem:

  • External Modem
  • Internal Modem    

The external modem has to be connected to our computer and telephone line with cables and electric socket while the internal modem is already built inside our computer.The billing of our telephone starts from the moment we got connected to internet. So a modem with good speed ensures low telephone bills.

Web Browser

Web browser is a software that is used to navigate the world wide web .It connects computer to internet. Before start working on the internet, we make sure that we have a web browser in our computer otherwise, we will not be able to surf the net . The most popular types of browser today are Netscape Navigator and Microsoft Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, safari, opera mini, Google Chrome etc.

We can get available resources from any location through visit site of that location. Each location has a unique address called URL, which we type in web Browser to get resources.

Internet Service provider(ISP)

ISP is an organisation that provides internet access to users. If we have a Computer with a webbrowser, a modem and a telephone line connected to our computer,we also need an internet connection. We can get an internet connection from various ISPs.

Earlier in India , Internet connection was only available through VSNL. Now we can  choose from popular internet service provider of India such as VSNL, BSNL, MANTRA ONLINE, MTNL etc. These companies have DNS servers in different cities of India. DNS server is a computer which translates domain name to IP adress.

At present BSNL provides the following types of connection to acess internet to users.

  • PSTN: Public Switched Telephone Network
  • ISDN: Integrated Service Digital Network
  • Leased line acess
  • Direct internet acess
  • Account free internet dial up access based on CLI 

Broadband Connection

Broadband Service is based on DSL technology .This provides high speed internet connectivity up to 8 Mbps. This provides continuous internet access service with speed ranging from 256kbps to 8mbps.


wifi services have been introduced for providing high speed internet acess at convenient public locations such as like Airports,Railway Stations ,Universities and there campus etc.

BSNL has also launched “SANCHARNET CARD” recently. The sancharnet Card is a prepaid internet Acess Card for users.  

Characteristic Of Internet

  • It is logically linked by Global Unique Address.
  • It supports communication by using internet protocol.
  • It makes accessible all the information.
  • It ensures good governance.It is very much helpful in doing business.
  • It enables us to obtain information at a super high speed.
  • It is considered as a chief and easy means of communication.

Concept Of Internet

Control of the internet

The national science foundation funds are experimental of high speed networks and continue to provide internet connection to various institutions. It is considered as both an institutional and an anti institutional cooperative network that controls waves, clouds and other networks.

Name & Address

Generally the internet system is identified through its name & address system. Generally it can be identified in two ways that consists of a name and numerical address. It enables people to use the computer’s name when accessing resources through the computer database.

Domain Name System (DNS)

The method of giving names and addresses on the internet is known as the Domain Name System. It is considered a worldwide system that distributes database name & address. It enables the processing of transactions from name to number and vice versa.

Uses of The Internet         

Internet has a become a part of our everyday life .Form being used in defence purpose by the United States military for communication intially, to being used worldwide for hundreds of thousands of different purpose of our everyday life now.       

There are millions of application of internet and we are in fact as dependent on internet as we are on other utility things like electricity ,water,etc. Before a few yeras people used to get up in the morning and read the news paper or watch television.

Now most peoeple log on to the internet first thing in the morning. So internet has become so essential in our daily life. Some of the most important uses of the computer are pointed below.

Search Engine

It is a specialized program that assists users in locating information on the web. It can be used to search anything and everything . Most popular search engines are goggle, MSN, Luis, Yahoo, khoj and cyber411 etc.

Cyber 411 is a mega search engine that queries over a dozen major serch engine in parallel,then returns queries ranked by relevancy. It gives the search results of 16 parallel queries.

Online Shopping

Online Shopping has become easier with the use of internet. we can buy or sell online. It is an component of electronic commerce.

Net Banking

Net banking or internet banking means banking through internet. It has replaced the conventional way of banking.Now,there is no need to stand in long queues for deposit/withdrawal to check the account status. All these are possible with just a few step of clicks. Marketing of Internet banking means marketing the uses of banking transaction through internet.


Communication is a major role of the internet. It helps people to communicate either with the use of social networking websites or through emails or through chatting . A chat is a real time typed conversation that takes place on a computer. Internet telephony allows voice conversation to travel over internet.

Job Search

Now a days ,many people search for their jobs online as it is quicker and there is a larger variety of job vacancies present.


Those who are having certain hobbies can try to improve on it by reading up on many aspects of their hobby.


Reasearch papers are present online which helps in the researcher doing a literature review.


Now right days many children are like to study on internet and computer.They find many usefull things to learn on the internet through with supervision of the elders. Upto doctorate level education, people rely on internet for their education. Online educational books have even reduced the need for a library.


Usenet has dimished in importance with respect to Internet forums,blogs and mailing lists.The difference , through, is that Use konet requires no personal registration with the group concerned, that information need not be stored on a remote server, that archeves are always available, and that Reding the messege requires not a mail or web client, but a news client. The format and transmission of Usenet articles is similar to that of e-mail messages.

The difference between the two is that Usenet articles can be ready by any user whose news server carries the group to which the message was posted, as opposed to email messages which have one or more specific recipients.

File download and upload

To download or upload any file to the internet FTP (File Transfer Protocol) is a common way for users, our web browser can also make FTP requests to download programs we select from a webpage. Using FTP, we can also update files at a server.

Video conferencing   

Video conferencing is a service that allows multiple participants to converte with each other regardless of their location through personal computers and internet . It uses telecommunication of audio and video to bring people at different sites together for a meeting .

It’s about connecting people. Besides the audio and visual transmission of meeting activities, videoconferencing can be used to share documents, computer displayed information etc. 

The components required for a video conferencing are:

1.video camera or webcam

2.computer system or laptop




E- commerce (Electronic Commerce)

In other words, E-Commerce is a technology enabled communication of a business organisation with its customers and suppliers. It is conducting business through the electronic media, particularly through paperless IT (Information Technology) over the internet.

Ecommerce is the buying and selling of goods and services on the internet. It allows us to carry out transactions without the barriers of time or distance . It minimizes the cost of transactions.


A popular way to learn about computers without ever going to a classroom.


It is the most widely used application on the internet. It is simple,very fast and reliable tool for sending and receiving messeges from an individual or a group of people across the world via the internet as similar to writing a letter.

In 1971, Ray TomilSon created the ARPANET email application, so he is considered to be the father of E-mail. Hotmail was the first free email service launched in June 1996 by sabeer Bhatia.

Today, hotmail is still one of the biggest free email services. An email message consists of two parts, the email address and the message.

We can get the email address has two parts: user name followed by @sign and domain name. Password is a secret code string of characters that restricts entry of unknown users and retains confidentiality. It is used for authentication, to prove identity or gain access to a resource. The password should be kept secret from those not allowed access.

  • Email address identifies a location to which email messages can be delivered and password maintains security of users email account.
  • Sent messages are stored in electronic mailboxes until the recipient fetches them. To see if you have any mail, you mave have to check your email.“Subject” of email gives information about the content of messages.
  • Email has the option to attach any separate file like image,graph,sound and document etc from another program that is called attachments.
  • The draft folder retains copies of messages that have started but are not ready to send.Email saves time of sending and receiving messages and stamps cost .
  • At present popular freemail service provider sites are www.hotmail.com, www.gmail.com, www.yahoomail.com, www.india.com and www.rediffmail.com etc.
  • Junk email or unsolicited email is known as spam. It is unwanted messages or advertisements with email which is not requested by users.

Online Entertainment

It allows us to visit an electronic zoo or museum or favourite movies or songs, story books, puzzles, computer games and much more etc.    

Online Business

It allows entrepreneurs to start a business through internet which known as Online Business. In modern time business not only running in market but also over internet and online.

Advantages Of Internet

Unlimited Communication

The most important advantage of the internet is its ability to ensure unlimited communication. It enables business units to communicate with customers at the lowest price. It also helps to communicate with any part of the world in the most convenient way.

Plentiful information & resources

The internet is considered an ocean of information. There are a number of search engines, Google, internet explorer etc. that enable us to get sufficient information so that timely and effective decisions can be taken.

Easy Sharing

The Internet enables the sharing of information at a rapid speed. It also helps the company to share the features of the latest product by updating their product or posting on social media sites like Facebook, hike etc.

Online Services

The use of the internet ensures growth of e-commerce and online services. It also makes it possible to carry out financial positions and many other activities online. It helps people to transfer funds, payment online etc.


The most popular advantage of the internet is unlimited entertainment facilities. It enables people to watch movies, listen to music, and play games over the internet. It also helps to be close to various entertainment applications & channels.

Disadvantages Of Internet

Faudulent activity

The most important limitations of the internet in its provision modulate activity. So it is considered as the market of fraud activities. So, it guides the credit card & debit card user to be careful by transferring online.

Addiction to Internet

People get addicted to alcohol. It also wastes a measure time of a day that lists various health problems. It also affects social relations and makes people spend their money or energy on the internet.

No restriction & boundaries for age limit

The internet is considered a well known market type of information. There is no restriction and boundaries for age limit. Therefore some inappropriate content that affects the life of kids. It is the responsibility of guardians to stay connected with their children and to logout from harmful sites.

What Is the definition Internet?

The global network of computers that enables people to send emails, download files, post messages, view websites and much more is called the internet.

In other words, the internet is considered a network of networks known as global information systems. Generally it was created by the advanced research project agency of the U.S Govt in 1960’s.

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