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What Is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is broad discipline, bringing together all forms of marketing that operate through electronic devices – online, on mobile, on-screen. Over the years digital marketing has developed enormously, and it will continue to do so. Search Engine Optimization, search engine Marketing, or pay for click advertising, Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing , Mobile Marketing, Web Analytics, Marketing Automation, Content writing & rate optimization are the popular and most demanded areas in digital marketing.

The Primary objective of digital marketing is to develop a virtual ubiquity for the brands, incorporate all the areas that have a positive impact on the brand, helps clients analyse their online outreach and promote them as a social media.

In the indian context, Digital marketing is rising in India with fast pace. Many Indian companies are using digital marketing for competitive advantage. For those on the outside looking in, the current state of digital marketing in India may seem in lockstep with every where else in the world.However, its a different story altogether in reality. Its one of radical growth, unmatched in speed, scale and sheer potential. And most research out there validates it.

First, India is set to become the world’s most  populated country by 2028 and will likely become the world’s youngest country by 2020 , with an average of 29.5

Secondly about 12 most advanced technologies- including mobile internet and cloud computing- is  ripe for rapid adoption in India.

Thirdly, the indian workforce is expected to reach 900 million by 2020. Fourth only 2% of India’s current workforce has received formal training, however this a number that is expected- in part because of public private partnership and education service to rise significantly,which means that millions more are going to enter into India’s already burgeoning digital landscape.

All this data only serves to highlight the scope of digital marketing in India. In this connection, the digital india programme has been launched by India’s Ministry of Electronic and information Technology. It is not only a ground breaking standalone intiative but also government backed nudge toward where the country is alredy heading. As a digital transformation is taking place in India, the scope for digital marketing only appears brighter.

Digital marketing industry in India is growing  in day by day. Many factors are responsible for this growth. The use of communication tools has greatly changed in the year past.No one ever thought to have crediable deal online. Everything from marketing to sales can be done online.This is due to the trust that has been restored back to online communication in Industries.Low cost of handset is now available making it possible for india to have about 600million internet users which ultimately crates a fascinating business’s oppertunity. to sell to a growing population.

The development in the digital marketing industry in India evident in the marketing shifts from anonymity to identity. People of india needed an existing spirit always.This targets their interest into the marketing information. Several factors have been found to contribute to the growth of digital marketing in India.

Before now, Internet usage was only meant for the wealthy.There is now a great change in the lifestyle of a middle class family due to the digital marketing. In now days internet is greatest medium to increase the digital Marketing platform. Digital marketing reduce time for shoping and marketing.           

That is literecy in English language and other foreign language, literacy in the use of computer and more digital marketing awareness. Social Meadia creates major role on the growth of the digital marketing. Like facebook, instagram, twitter, YouTube and more social media are the mediator of the growth of Marketing through digitally.It also creates awareness for improving uses of Digital marketing platform.

Features Of Digital Marketing

For the sake of clarification the most common features of the digital marketing are pointed below shortly.

  • Digital Marketing makes the products reach globally.
  • Digital marketing helps products available at reasonable or lower cost.
  • Both buyer and seller can easily track orders digitally.
  • It improves personalisation.It makes social currency.
  • It also increases conversion Rates.It is easy to share and simple to manage. And it is easy to adjust the order.
  • It creates a platform for employment.
  • Social media is very much helpful for digital marketing.


At the conclusion, it can be said that Digital marketing industry in India is still in its peak. Most of the companies are stll thinking to adapt to the medium while top companies have already started exploring the importance of digital marketing. Smaller cities in India are giving facilities to growth of digital marketing companies.

The government of India also empowers the digital marketing and growth of marketing. Corporate companies will be glad to spread the good news on their product to the entire large scale population. This can be achieved while literacy education is more intensified in the country.

In simple digital marketing  means the marketing facility  provided through digital platform. Above article provided idea about Digital marketing and gowth of digital marketing in India.              

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