What is Communication ? it’s nature and Why Communication English Compulsory For Commerce Stream students?

Why Communication English course is Compulsory for students in Commerce Stream.

Since language is what binds society together and serves as a crucial medium of interaction as well as interchange of ideas and thoughts , it is important that students have a capacity for clear and effective communication , spoken and written , at a relatively young age . The need has become even more urgent in an era of globalization and the increasing social cultural diversity that comes with it.

English being a global language par excellence, it is important that any course in communication is tied to an English proficiency program. The present course will seek to create academic and social English competencies in speaking, listening, arguing, enunciation, reading , writing and interpreting , grammar and usage vocabulary , syntax , and rhetorical.

Students At the end of the course , should be able to unlock the communicator in them by using English appropriately and with confidence for further studies or in professional spheres where English is the indispensable tool of communication.

What is communication? What is the nature of communiCation?

The term communication is derived from the Latin world . “communicare” which refers to sharing, contributing , informing, Popularising & Spreading.

Communication is a Process in which two or more individuals share their views, suggestions , evidence, thoughts and feelings. The individuals involved in this Process are Known as sender and receiver. 

According to Newman and Summer, “Communication is an exchange of facts, ideas, opinions or emotions by two or more Persons”.


According to Keith Davis, “communication is a Process of passing information and understanding. from one Person to another person “.

oxford dictionary defines that communication as, “The transfer or conveying of meaning “.

Nature of communication.


Communication is a social and psycolofficial Activity. If a Person is facilitated with all Physical comforts , but is not allowed to read, write, speak, Or listen he will become mentally weak and incapable of Performing any task. Hence communication is Very important.

 2.continuous Process:

Communication is an ongoing Process and not an art or a time based event . It includes various events and actions that are interconnected and depends on each Other.

3.Two way process:

Communication is said to be incomplete unless the receiver is able to understand the message so it can be said that feedback is very essential for effective communication. Therefore communication is a two way process.

4.Short lived Process:

It is said to be a short-lived Process because as soon as the receiver receives the message and understands it in the night contest the communication Process is completed .

5.Universal Phenomenon:

Communication is universal in nature. communication takes place everywhere not only human beings but also in birds, animals etc. 

6.contextual Form:

communication always takes place in a Particular context. Similar words may lead to different meanings when spoken in different contexts . Therefore moaning may change according to the context.

7.Needs Proper understand:

For proper understanding of the message, the message should be clearly and brightly expressed in words.

8.Leads to the achievement of organisation objectives:

Effective communication leads to achievement of the organisation objectives by creating a sense of objectivity in the organisation.

9.Eliminates Misunderstanding:

Misunderstanding occurs when there is a failure to understand or interpret words or actions correctly. Communication removes misunderstandings among people and leads to friendship among them.

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