What is Accomodation?


The various important elements the presence of which ensures sucessful running of a new enterprise is called Accomodation.It also requires for precize planning and reserch work of organisation for the sake of clarification various accomodation are discussed below.


The area of business should be selected carefully to carry on business operation. It is considered as most primarily accomodation of new business unit.


ii.Availbility Of Resources:

The another important accomodation of a new enterprise is availability of resources. It is also strictly considered while selecting a business unit it includes.


Coal & Power

Raw material etc



The availability of customers and their proximity who to our business location is considered as another accomodation of business. It ensures to attrack more and more customers towards the business.


The availability of suitable infrastructure is considered as another important element in the accomodation of business therefore it is very essential while selecting the accomodation of business.



The another essential accomodation of business is pracking. So acessable pracking provision enables a business unit to carry it business operation smoothly.



The necessary paper work should be given due consideration in the selection of accomodation of business. It is believe that illegal business operation puts a question mark in the continuity of business.



The proximity is yet considered as is another accomodation of business. It means the business operation and service of another nearer business unit should be take into consideration while selecting accomodation of new enterprise.



Renovation refers to the possibility of changing in the business organisation or environment. It is believe that change is the law of nature so it should be considered a mind at the time of selection of accomodation of business.



Safety is also big concern while accomodation of business. It means the area selected for various activities should be safe for business as well as for customers.


The accomodation of business is not limited only in above elements. There are various types of accomodation should be considered for a new enterprise such as 


Closeness to suppliers

Style of operation

Possibility of expansion

Monitoring Traffic

Utility of costs etc.







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