What Are The Career Options and Courses After 10th Class

What Are The Career Options & Courses After 10th Class

In this Article Discover the various career options and courses after 10th which helps you to build a successful career ahead. This comprehensive guide includes the career options and courses after 10th class.


Team Openbook247 congratulates you on completing your 10th class! Now, you must know about or wondering what are the career options and courses after 10th class to build a career. Well you have come to the right place, Here we will explore the different types of courses and career options from conventional to unconventional courses.

Conventional Career Options & Courses After 10th Class

Conventional Career options are the courses that most of the students choose after completing their 10th class. The main three conventional courses are Arts Stream, Commerce Stream & Science Stream.

Career In Arts Stream

The Arts Stream is a popular career option after 10th among students. The students who chose this stream were interested in pursuing careers in humanities, social science, Liberal Arts & Mass Communication. The Arts Stream includes subjects like English, History, Geography, Political Science, Economic, Psychology, Home Science, Fine Arts, Sociology etc.

Some of the popular courses in Arts and humanities streams are:

  • Bachelor of Arts (BA)
  • Bachelor Of Fine Arts (BFA)
  • Bachelor Of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)
  • Bachelor Of Social Work (BSW)

Career In Commerce Stream

The commerce stream is another popular career option and courses after 10th class for those students who are interested in building a career in finance, accounting, Business management and entrepreneurship sectors. The commerce stream includes subjects like Accounting, Business Studies, Business Law & Management, Economic, Mathematics & Entrepreneurship etc.

Some Of the popular courses in commerce streams are:

  • Commerce In Mathematics
  • Commerce In Computer Science
  • Diploma In Business Management
  • Diploma In Accounting & Finance
  • Bachelor In Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor In Business Administration (BBA)
  • Chartered Accountancy (CA)
  • Cost & Management Accountant (CMA)
  • Company Secretary (CS)

Career In Science Stream

The Science Stream is the most popular career option and courses among students after 10th class. This stream is suitable for those students who are pursuing their career in health and medicine. The science Stream is further divided into 2 categories PCM ( physics, Chemistry, Mathematics) and PCB ( Physics, Chemistry, Biology) etc.

Some other courses and career options after 10th class in the science streams are:

  • Science In Mathematics
  • Science In Biology
  • Science In Computer Science Science In Agriculture
  • Diploma In Engineering

Unconventional Career Options & Courses After 10th Class

Some of you want to choose Career Options and Courses with Unconventional Career Options and Courses after 10th Class. Unconventional Career options are those options which require your passions and skills in a particular field. This type of course is short term.

Some of the most popular Unconventional Career options and Courses after 10th Class are discussed below.

Career In Digital Marketing

Today’s world is fully dependent on digital mode. Everyone uses digital technology in daily life. A career in digital marketing is a highly demanded career option in modern times.

Some of the important courses after 10th class to pursue career in Digital marketing are highlighted below:

  • Diploma In Digital Marketing
  • Certificate In Digital Marketing
  • Bachelor Of Business Administration In Digital Marketing

Career In Animation and Multimedia

If you love to create your imagination to life then a career in animation and Multimedia are the best options for you.

Some of the various courses offers by Animation & Multimedia are listed below:

  • Diploma In Animation & Multimedia
  • Certificate In Animation & Multimedia
  • Bachelor Of Fine Arts In Animation & Multimedia

Career In Photography

If you love nature and capturing happy moments with a camera, then a career in photography is the best choice for you. In modern times different types of photos are very much demandable for social media and commercial platforms.

There are some various courses of Photography after 10th class are listed below:

  • Diploma In Photography
  • Certificate In Photography Bachelor Of Fine Arts In Photography

Career In Culinary Arts

If you have a love or passion for cooking and experimenting with different flavours then you can pursue a career in Culinary Arts.

There are various courses after 10th to pursue a career In Culinary Arts.

  • Diploma In Culinary Arts Certificate In Culinary Arts
  • Bachelor Of Culinary Arts

Career In Fashion Designing

If you have a knowledge or sense in style and new trends of latest design then you can pursue a career in Fashion Designing. Fashion Designing involves the designing of clothes, accessories and footwear.

There are some of the courses of fashion Designing are listed below:

  • Diploma In Fashion Designing Certificate In Fashion Designing
  • Bachelor Of Design In Fashion Designing

Other Unconventional Courses after 10th class

  • Interior Designing
  • Beauty and Wellness


Choosing career options and courses after 10th class is a crucial or important part of the future. In this article we know about some conventional and unconventional Career options and courses after 10th class. Whether you have options, it needs your dedication and hard work towards the courses.

Openbook247 Wishes, Have a great Career Ahead!


Can I Pursue any Career Options after Completing my 10th Class

Yes you can pursue any career option after completing your 10th class with your passion, skill and Interest.

Are there any courses after 10th that can help me to build a career In Entrepreneurship?

Yes you can pursue or choose courses like Diploma In Entrepreneurship or a Bachelor Of Business Administration In Entrepreneurship to build a career In Entrepreneurship.

Can I Pursue a Career In Fashion Designing if I am good at drawing?

Yes you can pursue a career in fashion designing if you are not good at drawing but it’s important to develop your drawing skill for designing. It is the essential part of the designing process.

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