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Introduction: – 

Education means practice. Meditation means worship. In vocational education, students engage in lessons. Make money: The hands, the intellect, and the heart develop. Gandhi, Gopabandhu’s creative work is a great example of vocational education. Vocational education was prevalent in ancient India. Farming, grazing, herbal medicine, timber harvesting, and lumbering were all just beggars. In addition, the disciples made a living by practising astrology, literature, science, and sorcery.All this work was done in a good way. There were also real earnings.

The students were self-reliant and self-sufficient. He was standing on his own two feet.

Before Independence In India – 

There was an uproar in British politics. Instead of grabbing the plough, he sifted through the paper. Babu found a position in Shukhula.

At the same time,a number of the books of that day were published with insect paraphernalia. According To them Krishna will not be found if he works hard This created the day to day storm of theft, robbery, unrest, and discontent.

Growing Need Of Vocational Education 

From time to time, various education commissions were constituted with a view to make education more useful and its objectives more meaningful.

Almost all the education commissions accepted the importance of vocational education and gave suggestions related to it.

India’s huge human resource power can be beneficial only when it is able to get employment after getting education. This commission gave many suggestions in the context of vocational education, emphasising on the vocational, technical and engineering.

Purpose: – Vocational education was introduced to teach an educated young man how to stand on his own two feet and be one of all. Starting with the Wabi Committee, the Currency Commission. the Chamber Commission, and many other educators have advocated for a radical change in Indian education policy.

After many examinations vocational education was demonstrated. The right way to deal with the problem of unemployment has been determined. Educated young people became self-sufficient by doing something rather than sitting at home reading lessons. Human resources evolved.

Now the Planning Commission has emphasised the need for vocational education in every college. Headaches with texting, hard work. Not only Saraswati but also Lakshmi will come on hand. 

Today’s students are tomorrow’s owners of vocational education. Vocational education was taught in national schools during the liberation struggle to achieve this great goal. He was taught to cut yarn, weave cloth, sew shoes, work in agriculture, plant trees, and so on. As a result, many cottage industries in Odisha have been revived. Neglect of action is gone.

After vocational education some national banks provide low interest loans. According to Tarim’s trademark certificate, bank loans can be obtained easily, easily, and at low interest rates.

leather work, horticulture, and welding. A student can earn a living by becoming self-sufficient even if he or she does not get a government or mushrooms, candles, incense sticks, and fish.

Importance Of Vocational Education

Vocational Education will prove to be helpful in solving many types of economic problems of the country like unemployment, poverty, economic equality, etc.This Will Increase the employability of the students, reduce the chaotic imbalance between the demand and supply of skilled manpower. And the option will become available to the students pursuing higher studies without any special interest and purpose. In this way, due to vocational education,There will be rapid economic development in the country.

[Lastly:] – Vocational education in Odisha and other states has come to an end prematurely due to the cruel jokes of luck or the cynical attitude of the government. Even for indigenous children or for vocational schools with different children. The future will be known when that star will open and who will open it. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing. 

Today’s man is busy finding an easy, simple, and affordable way to make money.Man has forgotten the hard work.”It Simply came to our notice then. Fortunately, this year the Council for Secondary Education has made vocational education an optional subject from the ninth grade.

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