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Introduction Of Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das

In the ever-flowing currents of civilization, some people are ‘born and die. But some even burn themselves to create light for others. Through his work, he builds a monument to the immortal. Similarly, Utkalmani Gopbandhu Das became a selfless patriot. He was a true friend of the miserable Oriyas and the miserable Oriyas. His life story is an epic poem of service, patriotism, and empathy.  

Births & Childhoods

Utkalmani Gopabandhu Das was born on October 14 1877 in the village of Suando in Puri district. His father, Daitari Das, was a simple, honest, and self-respecting man. Motherless Gopabandhu was cared for by her aunty (Father’s sister), Kamaladevi, as her mother Swarnamayi died a short time ago. He studied at Rupadeipur Middle School and Puri District School in Rupadeipur after completing the village chahali (village child school) course. 

With the help of Ramchandra Das, a patriot from Puri, he was immersed in the mantra of patriotism. He later earned a B.A. from Revenshaw College. And B.L. from Calcutta. Passed. Despite his efforts to become a lawyer, he became a true patriot, unable to resist the urge to serve the country.  

From Life Pictures

During his studies in Puri, he formed a volunteer group of friends. During the ride, he continued to serve as a passenger and as a caregiver for patients with cholera. Gopbandhu was married as a child. Throughout his life, he took many sorrows and storms and paved the way for the service of the country. The world was perfect for him. 

Although he took part in the politics of Odisha, he was far above the ruling politics. When he was a member of the Lok Sabha, he did not hesitate to present the plight of the afflicted Oriyas and the just demands of the people of the state.

He was imprisoned several times for participating in the indigenous movement. He never hesitated to sacrifice himself for the benefit of the kingdom.

Therefore sang in an open voice- “Melt my body is on this soil of the country Let the people of the country walk on their backs. As many flesh and bones of my  fall on the path of the country’s kingdom.” He was the purest incarnation. With his help, a line of laughter was playing in the souls of the poor Oriyas.

In Education & Journalism

Human financial liberation is possible through education. The forest school was a man-made factory, which was widely circulated throughout India at the time, but was later demolished. “Samaj” has caused quite a stir in the minds of the people of Odisha today. He acted as a spokesman. It is still the main newspaper. Subsequently, the ‘samaj’ was considered equally worthy of the public servant community.  

As a Poet Gopabandhu Das

Another aspect of Gopbandhu’s life was that he was a compassionate poet. Many of the poetic poems, such as “Prisoner’s Autobiography“, “Kara Kavita“, “Abakasha Chinta“, “Go Mahatmya“, “Dharmapada“, are considered to be realistic images of life.

All of this is easily reflected in the poetry of Gopbandhu’s soul. The images published in it act like the Great Death Mantra. Unlike poetry, he has written a number of essays to showcase his original talents. His prose style is unique and effective.  

All these articles It would not be wrong to say that his vast intellect was simple. Making literature useful to society was one of the hallmarks of his literary career.  


Gopabandhu Das is the immortal man of the Oriya nation. He is like a jewel all over Utkal. It is rare to find a Russian poet-like man. This great soul was a pilgrim of the immortal on the 14th of June, 1928, during the Raja festival.

As a symbol of sacrifice, service and patriotism, he has been captivated for ages. He is truly the pride and glory of the Oriya nation. Today his ideals have become rare. In today’s world of politics, there is always the need for a selfless servant like him.

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