Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das Biography and Essay

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When a nation forgets its history and glory and admits slavery to another, the birth of a yogi occurs. He is the one who guides the nation. He works for the upliftment of the nation by his own efforts. Connects the fire of excitement to the dormant race. Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das was born in the same way. Addressing Utkal as his mother, he called the people of Utkal his brother. The story of his efforts continues to enlighten the nation.

Born and Education 

Govind Ballav was the eldest child of Chowdhury Loknath Das and Pabati Devi in ​​Satyabhamapur in Cuttack district.

Madhu Babu was born on April 7.  During his education in Cuttack, Govind Ballabh was known as Madhusudan during his education period. He completed his college education in Calcutta at the end of his education at Ta Bahani, Cuttack. 

While studying in Calcutta, he came in contact with Ambika Prasad Hazra and converted to Christianity. M. in English.  A. and B. in law. Made a pass. After teaching for a while, he took up the profession as a lawyer. 

Working life

While in Calcutta, he brought the Odiyas together and shared their joys and sorrows. He also established a night school there. In Calcutta, he also served as Ashutosh Mukherjee’s house teacher.  He returned to Odisha in 1922. At first he had a lot of trouble in Odisha. 

However, Madhusudan continued to work in spite of all this.  With the help of Gaurish’s opinion, he began to establish himself.  He involved himself in law and business and in the service of the country.  The plight of the Oriyas moved his heart.  He was committed to the unification of isolated Odisha. 

From 1913 to 1923, he was a member of the Bihar-Odisha Legislative Assembly.  There was no reluctance to describe the plight of Odisha.  He was often cited for power struggles and personal gain.  He resigned as a minister and joined the legal profession.  

Establishment of Utkal Conference

Madhu Babu started his efforts to unite the isolated Utkal and protect the Utkal language.  The Great Utkal Conference was founded in 1903 on the basis of Gaurishankar Ray and Harihar Mardaraja, the king of Rambhar.  The king of Odisha, the people, the zamindars, the peasants, the mullahs all attended. Gathering everyone together, he took the plunge and uttered the generous words, 


“This conference caste, Pranisindhu, holds millions of souls and your soul has jumped to the Sindhus.” 

Utkal-Gaurav Madhusudan Das

He spoke in support of the US Alliance, but said that maintaining some independence was important for the future of the country.  As a result of his extensive efforts, the province of Galat was liberated on April 1, 1936.  However, Madhusudan died a long time ago. 

Utkal’s omnipotent development 

Madhusudan was far-sighted.  The need for industrialization is crucial to the overall development of Odisha;  She felt it.  Cuttack’s Tarakasi work is the result of his efforts.  Utkal set up a leather industry called Tannery and sought to protect the self-esteem of Orissa and Oriyas. 

He noticed that there was a slight deviation from the shoe and he was burning the mattress.  He wanted the world not to think that Oriyas were making a living by cheating others.  As a result, he suffered heavy losses. 


He was ambitious, learned, intelligent and patriotic.  He has dedicated his life to the betterment of Odisha.  He fought with the British government to stop the Oriyas, and stopped government intervention in the Puri temple. 

By helping others, by donating everything for the nation and for the country, he became deaf at the end.  He was a shrewd lawyer.  He was well known in the villages of Odisha as Madhubarister.  Among the people he gained the throne of the king. 


He is the Odisha’s first M.A person.  He is still the first Oriya pilgrim and Oriya minister.  Renowned novelist Surendra Mohanty has written the novels “Sun of the Century” and “Old Man” based on his biography. Many poems have been written about him.  He was, in fact, a legendary man. 

Madhusudan, the most beloved leader of the Oriya nation, passed away on February 7, 1936.  His enlightening poems, such as “Utkal Santan” and “Jati Itihas”, are still playing a torrent of inspiration in the sleepy Oriya soul.  He is also remembered and remembered by Utkaliya.

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