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According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the human race was created about five thousand years ago. Gradually, human civilization developed.Humans were created from monkeys. Neanderthals, chromagnans, and peninsular Javanese humans have changed. There was a rapid change in their physical structure, intellectual development, behavior, and behavior. At the root of all this was the curiosity of man. ‘Who and why? 

The man was eager to find the right answer to such questions. Knowledge God raised him to quench his thirst, Yet to this day there are still many in the civilized world who do not know or do not want to know what the textbook is?

In the Nighanch forest, they share tiger bears in the eyes of civilized educators. They are called indigenous or tribal. Their language is unique. In our Orissa) there are sixty tribal tribes. 

Most of the tribals live in Koraput,Nabarangpur,Malkangiri,Kalahandi,Bolangir,Sambalpur,Sundargarh,Kendujhar and Mayurbhanj districts of South and West Odisha.

Odisha is the second most populous tribal state in India with the remote mountainous areas neglected before independence.

Christian missionaries, of course, have taken steps to improve their education and health. British government officials in India were reluctant to move to tribal areas. Many city dwellers also have the same idea of tuberculosis. In the pre-independence period, the rate of tribal education was only 1.5%.

Past Independence Education:

Fifth education survey 18 According to the report, the number of Scheduled Caste students in primary education was 18:27% of the total number of students. Due to this, the tenth five-year plan adopted special measures for indigenous education. A number of steps have been taken at the national and provincial levels to make them more interested in education.

To this end, the Department of Education, the Department of Tribal Welfare, has taken steps to promote education in wartime VV. Free accommodation, meals, textbooks, sports equipment, and sports facilities have been provided to the tribal students. In addition, Sebashram, Ashram Vidyalaya and Kanya Ashram Vidyalaya have been opened. However, tribal education has not improved as expected.

The reasons are: 

Indigenous education is the first reason why the education system is not as expected. Inevitably, of course the mountainous region has now been facilitated by transportation but they have not abandoned the tradition of hereditary manners, traditions. Many people who read the text think of

It was “unbelievable”. Another major reason is that there is no land, no sticks, and the stomach is hungry. How can interest in reading there be created? Food is their number one priority, rather than education. The difference between the written language and written language of the indigenous peoples is that the sky’s the limit. Indigenous education is in a state of disarray due to a lack of language coordination. Without rice in the stomach, it’s completely impossible to hold the text in your head.

Remedial measures:

To improve tribal education, the Government of Odisha has now opened 216 residential girls high schools,112ashram schools, 34 girls shelters, 143 residential service centers and two women’s colleges. Indigenous children are being provided with monthly grants from the sixth grade. Indigenous students are paid a monthly stipend of Rs60 for technical training. Ten model schools have been set up in Odisha for gifted students.

It is our duty:

we will create tension among them. Drying the river forever. Harvesting Waterless Desserts. Bringing indigenous children to school. In addition to teaching indigenous languages, indigenous children need to be able to specialize in folk songs and folktales. That is why the indigenous language, which is understood by all the sub-tribes of Koraput, the Sadri language in Sundargarh, the Bhuyan language in Kendujhar, the Kalahandi language, and the Laria language in Balangir areas are easy and understandable. Indigenous children’s education could have been more successful if the books of indigenous children had been published in that language.

Odisha State Council for Educational Research Training has published some books in this language. Second, it would be better to keep the forest in their textbooks rather than modern science. If they are not on Sundays,they will not be allowed to goto school, do homework,do bazaars and go to school. For this, it would be better to have an education director (tribe)at the state level.  


The Indian education system is incomplete except for indigenous children.It is the moral duty of all of us to teach and guide them. “It simply came to our notice then. We have to figure out our own way. You have to be kind to your brother. “It simply came to our notice then.

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