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Writing a letter is significant and essential today as it was before the advent of email and messaging. In almost all competitive examinations related to banking and SSC conducted examinations, descriptive English papers are an integral part of the selection process.

Descriptive English paper calls for a standard ability in expressing on a topic in correct and intelligible English. Therefore, a candidate appearing in the Descriptive Paper must have requisite knowledge in grammar and vocabulary.

Tips for having a desirable standard in writing Descriptive Paper:

➤Learn basic grammar so as to enable you to write error-free sentences. It is also essential to learn punctuating your sentence

➤Learn new words, idioms and phrases on a regular basis and use them in your own sentences Make a habit of writing a write-up comprising at least 10-15 sentences every day.

➤Examine the written sentences periodically, and get them checked by a faculty in English Beware of current regional, national and international developments and take a note of those events on your Descriptive Notebook Write an essay and a letter at least weekly

➤Remember the format and do not skip anything while writing an accepted format for the letter you are writing

Tips for Letter Writing:

➤Follow the accepted format for the letter

➤Do not write your original address.

➤Do not use SMS language like ‘asap’ ‘sus’, ‘u’ etc.

➤Stick to word limit (120-150 in case of Formal Letter; 150-200 in case of Informal Letter) Out of 12 minutes set 2 minutes for Planning, 8 minutes for writing and 2 minutes for Revision Achieve 50-60 wpm

➤Correct grammar and sentence structure

➤Avoid using contractions in writing

Types of Letter Writing:

Letter are basically of two types. They are formal and informal letters.

Informal Letter:

An informal letter is otherwise known as personal letter. It is usually written to our kith and kin, parents, friends and acquaintances.

The format of the informal letter is mentioned below.

➤Write your address and Current date at the top of the page as Date/Month/year basic (Left or right both are acceptable).

➤Write the full date in any suitable Format 26 July 2018 or July 26, 2018.

➤Write the name and address of the receiver.

➤If you are writing a single address, then in this case write the address of the recipient

➤Write the salutation and greet the receiver with “Dear” with the “name”. You can write ‘My dear mother’, ‘My dear sister’ etc.

➤Write the body of the letter.

➤Note to keep the letter open with a clear purpose of statement.

➤Use a complimentary close like:Yours lovingly, Yours affectionately, With love, Best wishes, Best, Kindly, Kind regards, Best regards, Lots of love,Love,

Some useful expression on how to start an informal letter:

➤Thank you for your letter which I received yesterday.

➤I was pleasantly surprised to hear from you

➤It was wonderful to hear from you

➤Thank you for your letter. I was happy to hear that you are in a healthy and good situation.

➤It was really nice hearing from you. I am glad that you like our new school

➤I hope that this letter finds you in good health and a happy life.

➤Thank you for the lovely birthday card.

➤Some important expressions on how to end an informal letter:

➤I promise to write to you soon

➤I hope you will reply soon

➤Give my best wishes to your parents

➤I am looking forward to seeing you

➤Do write and tell me how you are progressing Do write soon

Sample Format Of Informal Letter Writting:

➤Writting letter to your brother advising him to prepare for a competitive examination.

226,Sector – 6
Chennai – 600095
15 October, 2018

Dear Kalpesh,

It has been 6 month since I wrote to you. I got your letter recently. I am glad to learn that I have started preparing for competitive examinations. You have also known my advice in this regard. Well, competitive examinations are different in approach and nature than normal examinations which we take to get a degree or any other institutions.

In competitive examination you will find a good number of questions on different subjects. The most important part of these examinations is sticking to prescribed time limits and maintaining accuracy.Sometime, one may be required to attend 100-150 questions in one hour. Further there are objective types questions with multiple choice option and subjective paper where we have to write answers to the questions. All these require constant preparation and practice for over a long period of time like two or three years of regular practice. So, be patient and believe in your effort to clear any exam. Don’t get frustrated even if you do not get through any examination at a single chance.Keep on preparation till you do not qualify for any exam. Go by a self-made time table for preparation.Also, get admission into a good institution imparting coaching centres for various competitive examinations preparation suitable for yourself. Make arrangements for good and relevant books, daily materials, current affairs notes for your preparation. Work out maximum number of questions per day to improve/boost your accuracy.

Last but not the least, be sincere and disciplined in life. Waste not want not. Prepare for the field you are aware of and interested in.Put your best possible effort to make your goal realised.Write to me if you need my help in any regarding.Do not hesitate to share your problems with me.Stay healthy and sportive every time.

I earnestly hope the above will have an effect on you.Do write to me and parents to seek their blessings.May God bless you.

Yours loving brother,


Formal letters can be of several types: Official Letters, Business Letters, Letters to Editor, Complaint Letters, Letters for job application. Formal letters of all types are generally written on the basis of the following format.

Sender’s Address – you have to write the sender’s address. Usually provide a fake address if nothing is provided in the letter in this regard

➤Date – write the current date i.e. the date of your exam

➤Recipient’s Address – write the name or designation and address of the recipient to whom the letter is being addressed to

➤Salutation – write ‘Sir’ or ‘Dear Sir’, or ‘Respected Sir’ etc.

➤Body of the Letter – The body consists of two to three paragraphs basing upon the topic of the letter.

➤Complementary close – with respect to the letter like ‘Yours truly’ ‘Truly yours’, yours faithfully’, ‘Sincerely yours’

➤Signature – write the full signature of the sender like ‘Xyz’

➤Name – write the name of the sender in capital letters ‘XYZ’

Typically, a business letter is reserved for under the foremost vital of job-related or different skilled communications like recommendation letters, cowl letters, resignation letters, legal correspondence, company communications, etc. Since it’s such a formal mode of communication, you’ll want to make sure you have all of the formatting in place correctly. That’s especially true if you’re sending a hard copy to the recipient rather than an email.

Sample Format Of Formal Letter Writing:

Write a letter to the bank manager to give an innovative idea to improve digital banking Service.

Arnapurna Banarjee
House no: 202, Parvati Nagar,
Haripur, West Bengal

30 August, 2018

The Bank Manager
Central Bank Of India
West Bengal Branch

Sub: Requesting to share an innovative idea to improve digital banking facility.


I am bringing to your attention that ATM scam cases are frequent nowadays.I have recently been a victim of an ATM scam in which I lost 8000 rupees.I have been visiting your bank lately regarding the same. I am extremely thankful to the support the management is showing.At the same time it pains me to know that these types of ATM scams are not new in our area and have taken a toll in the last few years.

In this regard, I have come up with an idea which can prevent people from falling prey to such scams. A unique PIN is required in order to operate an account with an ATM machine to withdraw money. My idea is to replace that PIN with the “iris Scan’(Eye Authentication).Every account holder will need to link his/her iris scan with the account in bank every time the money is to be withdrawn, Iris scan will be used as passcode instead of the unique PIN.

This will not only help to stop ATM scam but also will make it easier for the people to operate their account as they will not be required to remember various passcodes.

Thanking you,

Sincerely Yours,
Arnapurna Banarjee

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