Tips for writing effective Essays for Competitive Exams

Tips For  Writing Effective Essays

In this article we clarify about the Tips For Writing Effective Essays and The Contains of a good essay are.

ESSAYS are special compositions on a given topic. The inherent intent of an essay is to bring home the topic at hand. A well-written essay makes the reader understand the topic and gain a firsthand knowledge about it.

If an essay is not written in proper sequence and not enriched with appropriate wordings, it will fail to meet the standard. 

Writing an essay is not as simple as it seems. We may write on a topic at random but in order to draft a standard essay requires certain skills. These skills make our essays persuasive and acceptable. Such skills are:

Sound knowledge in basic grammar

If we do not have requisite knowledge in common grammar and grammatical structures, we will not be able to write a good essay. Knowledge in tense and time, common vocabulary and use of words in their proper context are of great importance in composing an effective essay.

Sound knowledge in Vocabulary 

As said before, we need to master hundreds of common words and their uses. We should also be able to identify which class the word belongs to. We should learn relevant words and use them in our writing.

Sound knowledge in the use of punctuations 

It is essential to know the use of punctuations at proper places. Forget not that using a wrong punctuation may denigrate your writing standard and it will destroy the real intent of the essay.

After you are confident that you possess the required skills for writing an essay, design your style of writing an essay. It should be so designed that meets all the ingredients of a good essay. 

The Contains of a good essay are


An introduction to an essay is like the face of it. It is the entrance through which the reader enters into the details of the essay. If the introduction is hazy and unintelligible, it will turn the whole essay into indecipherable writing.

So, it is essential to draft your introduction in such a manner so as to make the reader convinced of what the topic is about. 

Never baffle the reader with unsolicited sentences, idioms and phrases. Be precise in telling the reader what the topic is about. Use simple and meaningful sentences and maintain propriety in your approach.

Writing a suitable introduction is a major task. You need to take note of the topic and its present relevance. Do not say everything in the introduction slot. 

However, provide a rudimentary idea and take the reader steadily towards a detail. An introduction to an essay should contain nearly one-third of the prescribed word limit of the essay. 

Middle Paragraph(s)

If the essay is to be written in more than 500 words, then subdivide the middle content into more than a couple of paragraphs. If the essay is to be written within 250 words, write a single middle paragraph.

Middle part of the essay contains the detailed writing of the essay. It is in this part of the essay, you need to give a complete description of the topic. Here, you can write the pros and cons or the advantages and disadvantages of the subject matter. Provide current data or observations related to the topic.

Write precisely and effectively all relevant information and provide the reader with required knowledge on the topic. Middle paragraph(s) are like the body of the essay. Do not leave it incomplete.

Concluding Paragraph

Concluding paragraph is the site for your opinion or views on the topic. Finish it with a positive tone and temper. Draft it in simple and intelligible words. You can go against the topic, but you need to present it in a lighter vein. Do not write as if you are reacting or snuffing. Note that you conclude the essay based upon the middle paragraph(s). Do not open any new horizons on this site.

Tips For Writing Effective Essays

Planning your essay before you set on to draft it is essential. Muster all related ideas relating to the topic by way of recollection. Also, recollect some current information related to the topic. Conceive each sentence properly and then think of proper words/phrases/idioms to compose the sentence. Maintain a rhythm of your expression uninterruptedly. Rhythm is the flow of the essay.

Unless your essay has the required flow it will defeat the very purpose of an effective essay. Do not use absurd idioms and phrases in your essay. Avoid using contractions.

Make sure that you are using proper punctuation marks and capitalisation wherever necessary. Conclude your essay based upon your previous paragraphs. Infuse the conclusion with a positive tone.


Browsing through previous descriptive papers of various banking examinations, it can safely be understood that a number of essays are related to recent developments, policies and information related to banking industry and economy of the country. Sometimes, relevant current topics are also included.

The essay topics are broad-based, so it is not an easy task to compose an essay within the prescribed word limit (in 250 words). What is required is to draft the essay with important information related to the topic without enlarging the idea.


In various examinations conducted by the Staff Selection Commission (SSC), the nature of essays is of both traditional and current relevance. Here, the word limit is 300-500 words.

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