What Is Sustainable Development & How can Sustainable development be achieved?

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Do you understand what is sustainable development? Here we know what is Sustainable Development and the various limiting factors leading to Sustainable Development and how it can be tackled.

What Is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development usually means that all the plans that are implemented for the development of an area and that does not cause any damage to the environment, if the people enjoy the benefits of this plan, the results of the plan will last forever. With this, special success can be achieved within self-discipline.

In other words Sustainable Development refers to an approach towards the economic development of a country without compromising with the quality of the environment or nature for future generations.

From a historical point of view, it is known that the general use of the term “sustainable development” is not very ancient. It is determined by the 1992 Earth Summit or United Nations Conference on Environment and Development (UNCED).

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Challenges of Sustainable Development

The whole world accepts it and collects various works. Some Factors causing obstacles in the way of sustainable development. There are usually many obstacles for sustainable development. All those restrictions in the path of sustainable development are discussed below.

Population growth

Since the beginning of civilization, we have been exploiting nature for our own benefit. But when the population has increased continuously, then the use of natural resources for their selfish means has also increased gradually.

The result is the gradual loss of natural resources. But in the current situation, their demand can be met immediately by approved development tools. But there is no doubt that the depletion of natural resources stands in its way as a major obstacle.

Rapid urbanisation

As a result of the industrial revolution, cities and towns all over the world are developing rapidly. As a result, there have been various social, economic and environmental changes.

As a result, overcrowding is also creating deadly environments such as air and water pollution. Similarly, air pollution and noise pollution are also increasing due to heavy vehicular traffic. So that it stands in the way of environmental and sustainable development.

Rapid development of industry

As a result of the industrial revolution along with population growth, waste products such as liquid, solid and vapours generated from industrial factories began to pollute the air, water and land, as a result of which it stood as an obstacle in the area of Sustainable Development.

Global Warming

The amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is gradually increasing due to the industrial revolution along with the rapid increase in population. As a result, along with air pollution, the upper atmosphere reflects short waves from the sun and returns to the earth’s surface as long-wave infrared rays.

When it rises in the fruit, it cannot rise again due to the coating of carbon. Finally, global warming also creates restrictions on permitted development.

Nuclear Testing and War

With nuclear power in the hands of developed countries, they are particularly vulnerable to sanctioned development. Due to which the air, water and land are particularly affected.

Sustainable Development Goal

  • To promote the development that minimises environmental problems.
  • To meet the needs of the existing generations without compromising the quality of needs of the future generations.
  • It aims to transform the world with the aim of ending poverty, inequality, safe health, justice, prosperity, protecting the planet by saving natural resources and protecting ecosystems.
  • It also aims to achieve quality of education, good health with no poverty line.

The 14 Sustainable Development Goals to Transform Our World

1.No Poverty

2.Zero Hunger

3.Good Health

4.Quality Of Education

5.Gender Equality

6.Clean Water & Sanitation

7.Affordable & Clean Energy

8.Decent Work & Economic Growth

9.Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

10.Reduce Inequality

11.Climate Action

12.Life Below Water

13.Life On Land

14.Partnership to achieve the goal

Some Examples Of Sustainable Development

  • Wind energy
  • Solar energy : Planting solar energy to reduce environmental pollution.
  • Crop Rotation : Planting different types of crops on the same land on the rotational basis to improve the fertility power of land.
  • Sustainable Construction
  • Efficient water fixtures
  • Green Space
  • Forestry Sustainable

How can Sustainable development be achieved?

Now we all know that the development of the industry cannot be stopped in any way. Because they are especially helpful for the economic development of Amber and the improvement of civilization.

Therefore, without hindering industrial development, environmental pollution can be released through several precautionary methods. Some of the steps taken in this regard at the Earth Summit in 1992 are given below.

1.Humans are central to the path of sustainable development. So it is the duty of every human being to keep the environment clean and pollution free.

2.Environmental protection is linked to national development trends. Therefore, all developmental activities should go hand in hand with environmental protection.

3.Poverty is a scourge in today’s society. Because poverty cannot achieve sustainable development. Therefore, by eradicating poverty, eradicating environmental pollution within economic development, our goal can be achieved.

4.Developed countries are constantly expanding their influence on natural resources for tax development. If they took responsibility for environmental protection, the path to approved development would have been easier.

5.All countries can avoid illegal ways of production and use the right products to comply with the prescribed rules and allow development with reduced pollution.

6.Thanks to the commitment of all the developing countries of the world, through joint action, de-pollution and sustainable development can be achieved everywhere.

7.Through illiteracy and public awareness, development of society and environmental pollution can be brought closer to sustainable development.

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