Essay On Science In Modern Life

Science In Modern Life

Science must begin with myths and with the criticism of myths

Karl Hopper


Basic science of modern civilization. Without science, human life is crippled, immobile and meaningless. From morning to evening, from evening to morning, the need for science in personal, social and collective life is certain. In ancient times, man used to walk on rocks, he did not learn to speak, he did not learn to wear clothes. Today, modern man is at the highest stage of development.

Today’s man giving thanks to science, the contribution of science to make people beautiful, easy and happy is one hundred percent. Perhaps no one will disagree with this statement. The fact is that man today is forced to bow down to the deeds of machine man(Robert).

Today’s man laughs when he thinks about the primitive man of that day when man came to the foothills of Giri Gauhar after breaking through the darkness of science and human creation. He could not be sure that primitive man was so advanced in nature.

The radical change of man, the extraordinary success of the communication system, the ultimate miracle of science in the fields of education, health, agriculture, and industry have made today’s man bright. Humans have sometimes forgotten that science has done all these things? A dilemma arises in his mind between, science is greater or man is greater? 

Today, As long as humans or robots continue to work, mankind’s greatest intelligence is surrendering helplessly to science. He has nothing but the glory of science.  

Modern life

Modern age refers to the age of science. It was a day when people walked hundreds of kilometres on foot. The distance was forced to cross. He did not know how to fly in the sky. It was forced to swim in the water.

Today, modern vehicles like cars, buses, trams, trains, submarines, rockets have made its transit system smooth and easy. In the past, man was ignorant of the relationship between the body and the body. Today, every part of the body is removed, the complete sight of surgery is shocking.

Sitting at home in America’s capital, as much as the President’s speech on the TV screen gives him joy, the air-conditioned room gives him more comfort.  

In education, instead of pen, pencil, dot pen, sketch pen, DTP, screen-printing has made people relax. The number of evictions has increased unexpectedly. The role of science in living, eating, sleeping and relaxing in daily life is enough. Ignorant people today have become knowledgeable people with the power of science.

Agriculture, grain production, disease resistant pesticides, hybrid flowers, fruits, fodder have played an impressive role today.

Modern technology like wireless, film, fax etc. has made man comfortable. Humans today are empowered by science. Science is able to reverse the epidemic. Modern humans thanks to science for this. Air coolers, mobile phones, and electronic storage have made human beings beautiful. Bringing colored glasses to the colorful world, man has become colorful today.

Miserable Life

Thanks to science, modern life has become as happy as it is sad. Today the common man is concerned whether science is a blessing or a curse? Beneficiary or detractor? Poison bombs, star wars, advanced firearms are filling the silence and emptiness of the cemetery in his mind.

Humans today are ascetic. Affection, love, mercy, forgiveness, everything has been removed from the human mind.By the power of science, he will be caught and feel fine. Welcomes natural disasters by polluting the environment. Man himself composes his own samadhi. Because of science, the luxury-loving, labor-oriented, worldly man is indirectly harming himself. That is why science is supposed to be abandoned. Scientists are wearing shoelaces instead of garlands.  


No matter what, modern life cannot be thought of without science. At first, sugar is as sweet as sugar, and later, when diabetes occurs, it becomes like a father. Man cannot run without science. Science cannot survive by abandoning man.

There needs to be a balance between the two. Science should be engaged only in good works. Scientists are not inhuman, they have invented everything for profit or usefulness. Man is becoming inhuman in the field of application.

That is why modern man needs to nurture the attitude of truth, peace, mercy, forgiveness and tolerance. There is no benefit in blaming the way without knowing the way

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