Principle Of Human Resource Policies & Advantages Of HR Policies

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Principle Of Human Resource Policies

Principle Of Human Resource Policies are always design to promote common internal and healthy working conditions in order to encourage employees for better performance such policies are known as the rules that should be followed for smooth functioning of organisation such policies are:

Principle of Common Interest

According to this principle the HR policies must be formulated for the common interest of employees. It should be a better standard of living, better securities and opportunities for all its employees.

Principle Of Right Man In Right Job

According to this principle HR policies should be careful at the time of selection and placement of its employees. It means the right man should be appointed in the right job according to his scheme, expression and ability. It also ensures to enjoy the benefit of specialisation and reduce the wastages.

Principle Of Development

According to this principle HR policies should be formulated in such a way so that it can provide sufficient opportunities for the trainning and growth of employees. It also lessens rules so that employees can go for training in order to improve themselves on the job.

Principle Of Change

According to this principle the HR policy should encourage employees to face the changes. It must be done in advance through companies magazine through commitee. It also enables us to adjust with changes in the situation and group the opportunity.

Principle Of Recognisation

On trade unionAccording to this principle HR policies should be incorporated with various clauses for settlement of disfuse with the trade unions through negotiations and collecting bargenings. It plays an impure role in the development and growth on its economic actions. So, it must be recognised by management.

Principle Of Participation Of Decission Making

According to this principle HR Policy should be formulated is such way so that it should provided scope to employee representative to participate in decission making process. It also encourages the employee’s representative to remain present at the time of decision taken regarding HR affairs.

Advantages Of Human Resource Policy

For the sake of clarification some of the most important advantages of Human Resource Policy are discussed below:

Prompt Action

HR Policies always provide a framework at areas within which decisions can be taken. It asks as a guideline for undertaking any action without any delay. It ensures to be effective and prompt for the betterment of the organisation.

Avoid personal

Another advantage of HR policy is to avoid personal bias. It means the manager can’t go beyond its authority and treat different employees differently. Generally it provides specific rules that should be used similarly in the same situation at different times.

Ensure Long Term Welfare

Another most important advantage of HR policy is to ensure Long Term Welfare of employees. Certain measures should be undertaken so that management can’t avoid his responsibilities at the time of providing facilitates and maintenance of its policies.

Awareness among employees

The HR policies enables the employees to know their proper place in the organisation. It also makes them confident by working in the organisation. indirectly It helps them to get benefit form organisation through such policies.

Helps to Manager

The HR policies enables managers to take decisions as per the policy guidelines and carry on day opportunities. It also helps them to make decisions about that Placement, promotion, training etc without consulting super years.

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