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Pleasure Of Book Reading

As true companion books or book reading gives great pleasure. Like nutritious food invigorates our body so reading good books enriches our mind. Reading acts an influencing role on our mind. It acts as a catalyst to our thought, perception and belief. Out of many pleasures we seek and get from a number of things, the pleasure of reading stands out. Happy is the man who has acquired the habit of reading.

Books are friends to man for good. As a friend they are eternally reliable and a great source of wisdom and philosophy. Reading good books has a great influence on our minds, especially the young. Robert Southey rightly said:

“My never-failing friends are they, With whom I converse day by day. With them I take delight in weal, And seek relief in woe.”

We need relaxation and recreation in life. Reading books provide a great source of entertainment and recreation. A tardy mind gets complete pleasure from reading materials of interest. The books share the joys and sorrows of the readers. Our minds are sensitive to reading of different materials at different times. Light reading like reading of newspapers, periodicals, and journals is practised to feed the mind with the events of the current scenario. The modern age is such that we can ill afford to miss at least this type of light reading. We will be like a frog in a well without newspapers

Therefore, such reading as is both delightful and informative cannot be ignored.

Books of travel and adventure infuse into us the same spirit of adventure and fearlessness as was displayed by the travellers themselves. Learning about Columbus and Marco Polo instils a sense of adventure in the minds of the young. Reading novels is a pleasant pastime and nothing is more entertaining than spending some time reading a novel during leisure time. Popular novels are like valuable possessions for readers. The reader forgets his own personality and existence for some time and totally identifies with the characters of the novels. This identification though unconsciously is a source of endless pleasure to him.

Books of literature, history, culture, philosophy, science and technology are categorised as serious reading. They are a great source of knowledge and experiments. They provide a boost to the progress of civilization. Reading of scientific experiments, methodologies, and theories inspire young minds to develop scientific outlook and temperament. This helps them become scientists, doctors, engineers, technocrats etc. in future. Books of literature, history and philosophy infuse aesthetic values and treasure into our minds. Great literary works are much sought-after materials by many. Some of them are timeless and have been with us for hundreds of years. Good books enlarge and enrich our minds and mould our character.

Beacon felt, “Reading maketh a full man.” Mind without reading is a body without physical exercise. Reading ensures necessary food for the enrichment of the mind. Through the books we can reap the advantages from the experience of noble minds. Through it we develop a keener insight into life and its problems. Books teach us how to make life livable and enjoyable. It teaches us about social-cultural, economic and political life. We learn the Do’s and Don’ts in life from extensive reading. Life experiences of great persons have an abiding influence on us. The young mind is very much prone to the life and ideologies of such a person. The reading of Gandhiji’s writings during struggle instilled in many the sense of patriotism and inspired them to fight selflessly for their motherland. Instances of such kinds are vividly inscribed in the pages of world history.

However, much care is to be taken before we select books. Good books are worth reading. Bad and illicit books have a debilitating impact on the human mind and body. Reading of good and proper books provides the desired effect on our minds. The eternal literary works have influenced my mind for all time to come. The fictions, investigative writings, novels, dramas, scientific writings, poems, religious writings add meaning to life. Without them life would be dull and monotonous.

Reading with concentration is quite helpful. It enables us to learn from whatever we read. It is a great source of entertainment and pleasure. We need to cultivate a habit of reading to make life meaningful and worthy.

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