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 Money Comes and Goes

Morality Comes and Grows 

          – Satyasai

Importance Of Moral Education:

Money comes and goes. Morality comes and grows.Ethic and related education is called Moral education.The need for this education from primary education to university level is urgent. Educators say the situation is tainted. Human path. She does not have a happy marriage. Living an immoral life. Although human beings are divine, they are poisonous. Today, a man is on his way to court. Paved The way. Student society, youth community is immoral way. There is no peace in the house.Moral education says – life is uncertain,walk in truth way.

Ethics in Ancient India :- The ancient Indian education system was largely based on morality. The Vedic Bedang Upanishad Brahmasutra was being reviewed. Guru bhakti, self-control was practiced along with celibacy. There was a single family in the society. The house was Baikuntha. “Everywhere you look today, the tide of protectionist sentiment is flowing qualities flourished. The parents’ order of peace, love, respect, and sacrifice were being strengthened. 

The God of faith made man a god. All of this was learned from the noble family. All is a regular of infinite discontent.Children Love to imitate. They do what they see. How can young children behave ethically when they are adults? How can children protect their brotherhood when there is a shouting match between siblings? Parents can never sit next to Tipsy and teach the child the glorious ideals of the Ramayana.

Policy education in modern society –

Modern society is detrimental to the negative effects of Western education. Man is living a life of ethics. There is a serious shortage of truth, sacrifice, service, forgiveness, virtue. In Each Case,they have seized it, despite obstacles we can scarcely imagine. ” In English politics, Indian students were calledGod Boys.

Good Boys Compared to the ancient student society, there is now no other way to breathe than to compare the student body. Today’s education is teaching to make money in an unethical way.

Curriculum: In order to protect the corrupt human society from encroachment, the curriculum must be compulsory in school curricula. Prayers, hymns, hymns, hymns, Vedas, etc. should be included. A child must be holy in a holy environment. The five senses will be imbalanced. In a society free from violence, the Ganges of Love will flow. Prayers, speeches, and biographies of great men are included in the school program every day.

The established educational institutions of Lord Sathyasai, Swami Sivananda and Swami Vivekananda have become more popular. The Saraswati Shishu Mandir is also known for its ethical donations. Teaching ethics makes a student a yogi. Teaching needs to be transformed into asceticism. Teachers Must be affectionate, loving. 

Duties of the family: – As long as the child is in school Spends more time in the family. If the father lies to the child and tells the child to tell the truth, it will not work. Usually the children don’t get the tools, affection, and respect that Dad expects from Bor. Because everyone in the busy world is busy. How much does a child from a family teach ethics? 

A student will be ethical if the peace process moves in an atmosphere of patience and kindness. In the past, his father, grandfather, mother, Ramayana taught ethics from the Mahabharata. Not only did he pay,he also celebrated. With the change of age, the place has become a place where cinema gossip or movie music or pop music records dance. It must be remembered that the house built on unrighteousness is as.

Conclusion: – The true age has changed. There has been an unprecedented development of science. Yet injustice has not been eradicated. Corruption is rampant everywhere today. It’s hard to find a moral man. However,it is important to keep in mind that educating students in this age group can create the next generation of children. Therefore, the introduction of ethics at the school level should be mandatory. Moral education brings happiness in sorrow. Strengthens the weak.Pour Nectar into poison. That’s why moral education in schools is a must. That is why Kabishekhar said:

When he creates the character, He will be immortal,You will be the light of the sun.

The main reason for the demonic gagging system that is being pursued in technical institutions in today’s world is the lack of moral education. Moral education should be compulsory from the very beginning of student life. Then the social figurative Nandighosa can walk through the house on the way home;There is no doubt about it.

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