“Moral Deterioration among Children/Boys”Essay in English For Comepitative Exam|| Essay Writing in 600 word- Openbook247

In this we discuss “Moral Deterioration among Children/Boys”. Childhood life is the best life and moment in everyone’s lifetime.Every one enjoyed his/her childhood times.But childhood time not only for enjoyment but also for understanding new things and behaviour.In childhood days you learn about life, world and society,these lessons are very much useful for youth life.

Boyhood is synonymous with the capriciousness and vagaries of teenage. This period is marked by sudden and unexpected changes in the behaviours, much clinging to sensual pleasures, lack of concentration and seriousness. The making of a man in the child passes through a more difficult and incomprehensible period of time. That most of the boys today are not in a fit condition to be transformed into good citizens in future is a naked truth. Many factors cause moral deterioration in the boys.

Foremost is the immediate environment where boys grow up. It includes his parents, family members, primary teachers etc. But it is commonly seen that parents and teachers turn callous to the behaviours shown by their boys. They have undoubtedly failed in their duties towards their boys. Boys are like raw earth. They need good hands to be shaped into living images of good and responsible human beings. They need timely and proper guidance at every turn, affection and understanding for their upbringing.

The external environment the boys are increasingly exposed to also moulds their mental makeup. The greatest ruin to the boys is done by the perpetual rousing of senses by posters, films, magazines, television shows, internets, cinema and advertisement etc. These media platforms, if used properly and smoothly, are a storeroom of knowledge ,lessons, awareness and entertainment.

At the same time, if used without any direction, they can deviates a child from mainstream and spoil their future.Sex, crime, violence, burglary and vulgarism are squarely the content of their interest and choice.

The sensual appetites of the boys are cemented by the easy access to vulgar videos and scenes on the internet. But nobody is concerned about such a heinous development in the boys although it is perpetrated by the grown-ups. Lack of control measures on the boys’ access to different modern entertaining devices and sources by parents, and lack of timely guidance by the teachers instigate the boys to engross in such useless activities.

Boyhood is delicate and directionless. It requires supervision and guidance every moment by the stakeholders of both immediate and external environments in which the boys are brought up. The stage is marked by lack of self-discipline and respectability towards the elders.

It should be reverted by nuch care and attention by the elders. The grown-ups should act as role models for the boys as the best way to teach a child anything is by example. The boys must be taught to apply their conscience in their behaviour and attitudes. Their waywardness and lack of concern should be corrected frequently until they correct themselves.

Moral deterioration in the boys can be thwarted by the grown-ups who are directly and indirectly related to them. Putting the blame on boys and showing a lack-lustre attitude to their deteriorating moral condition is certainly a crime perpetrated by the elders.

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