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A large country cannot become rich without manufacturing the goods that are consumed or demanded by its people. Most services-specially the fundamental, low technology and low added services – can anyway be created inside the country. a rustic can move up the ladder of prosperity if it will manufacture merchandise|the products} and turn out the services needed by its folks and additionally export a substantial part of those goods and services.

Make in India was launched on September 25, 2014 by the central government to encourage multinational as well as domestic companies to manufacture their products in India.

The nation-wide programme hopes to attract both capital and technological investment in India and that the country will become the top destination globally for. foreign direct investment (FDI) , surpassing even China and the US. The striding lion made of cogs, which is its logo, symbolizes manufacturing, strength and national pride.

The Make in India aims to focus on job creation and skill development in 25 key sectors of the economy including automobiles, aviation, biotechnology, defence manufacturing, electrical machinery, food processing, oil and gas and pharmaceuticals, among others.

Since the announcement of Make in India and its wide coverage in the media, there has not been spectacular progress seen in the manufacturing sector. Some reports point towards falling FDI under automatic route by nearly 30 percent in the post-Make in India time. The weakness of the manufacturing sector is reflected in the steady drop in the growth rate of overall Gross Value Addition (GVA). It is also claimed that apart from the announcement of Make in India, there has been little policy or administrative support.

There has been no visible increase in the number of jobs since the initiation of this much-touted programme. Much remains to be done before Make in India turns into a hollow slogan.


Since the start of the scheme in September 2014, since November 2015, many electronics companies from all over the world have sent proposals to the Government of India, which want to start work in India. According to the data, Rs 1.20 lakh crore has been received by the Government of India from outside companies. In April-June 2015, 24.8% of smartphones made in India were exported to other countries. 

Nowadays electronics products are in great demand all over the world. There is no dearth of talent in the country of India, nowadays young people are making new discoveries by starting their own work. Prime Minister Modi wants that by 2020, a miraculous development should take place in the country, so that by 2020 India becomes the main hub of electronics manufacturing. The government is trying its best and they have set a target that by 2020, India should import zero electronics items from abroad. Meaning that by 2020, the country

should become capable so that we do not have to look to other countries for electronics items,the country should stand on its own feet in the world of electronics. This will be unforgettable.


More and more goods should be made in India, due to which the price of the same will be reduced and the economy of the country will be benefited by exporting outside.

Employment will increase in the country, poverty will decrease.

Goods of high quality will be available at a lower cost.

Investors from other countries will come here and invest money, which will bring money from outside the country. Also the name of the country will be famous in the world.

The youth of the country will get a chance to make their own way of thinking.

Instead of going abroad to work, the youth of the country would prefer to stay and work here.


Some of the advantages of India have been discussed above. The economic condition of the country will be strengthened by the employment of the youth through Make in India and India will soon be included in the list of other developed countries. Second, its biggest advantage is that if any item is made in India under the Make in India campaign, then it will cost less so that it will be available to the local people at a lower price and inflation will be less as well.

There will also be job opportunities for the people. Ever since investments are being made in India under the Make in India program, there is a possibility of huge growth in investment and production of automobiles, chemicals,IT, tourism, railways, textiles, retail health, ports, construction, textiles, manufacturing , leather etc.has received.

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