Maintenance Of Employees Health & Safety and Welfare In An Organisation

Maintenance Of Employees Health & Safety and Welfare in an Organisation

Ensuring the health, safety and welfare of employees is the priority for the organisation. By implementing effective maintenance strategies, organisations can create a secure and safe working environment to promote employees health & safety and welfare.

What Is Employees Health & Safety In an Organisation?

The process of organised efforts and procedures undertaken to identify workplace hazards, expose harmful situations and reduce accidents in the workplace is called Employees health and Safety.

In other words it is defined as “a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and also absence of diseases.”

Objectives Of Employees Health & Safety In an Organisation

  • To promote a positive work environment.
  • To develop working cultures.To protect workers in factories.
  • To maintain and promote working capacity.
  • To reduce Labour Turnover.
  • To ensure smooth operation.
  • To promote and maintain the highest degree of physical, mental and social well being.
  • To stress the organisation, avoid pre-existing conditions.
  • To place the workers according to his sociological and psychological capabilities.
  • To improve and create a congenial work environment.

Importance Of Employees Health, Safety & Welfare In An Organisation

In modern day’s fast-paced demanding work environment the importance of prioritising the employee’s health, safety and welfare can’t be ignored. A successful organisation also secures its employees workplace conditions because employees health and safety is directly linked to the productivity levels. When employees are physically and mentally well, they are more engaged & focused on their work.

Business organisations that value the employees health & safety can create a secure environment to grow business, which results in reduced turnover rates, enhanced morale and increased employees loyalty.

The Role Of Employees Health, Safety and welfare In Organisational Success

Boosting Productivity of the Business

Employees’ health is directly linked to the business productivity levels. When employees are physically and mentally well, then they are more engaged and focused with their work. A successful organisation also invests their resources and support on employees physical fitness, healthy environment, eating and overall performances.

Reducing the absence of Employees On Workplace

Employees’ health plays a crucial role in minimising the absence of employees in the workplace. Absence refers to the employee absent from the workplace due to health related issues. By prioritising health & offering preventive measures organisation can reduce absenteeism in the workplace.

Enhance the employees satisfaction & retention

Employee satisfaction and retention are closely tied to the health and safety of the organisation’s employer. Organisations that provide a supportive environment to create a sense of loyalty and job satisfaction also enhance the employees satisfaction and Retention. Employees feel valued and appreciated towards the organisation when they prioritise security and safety.

Significance Of Employees Health, Safety and Welfare In An Organisation

  • Identify and Reduce physical hazards in the workplace.
  • It creates clear safety policies and communicates it with employees to maintain a safe workplace.
  • Compliance with legal and ethical standards to protect employees from externally and internally.
  • It creates an environment that is supportive of employees’ health and work.
  • Encourage Workplace Diversity and inclusion.
  • Providing competitive compensation and benefits
  • It creates employee retention, turnover and overall organisational productivity and success.


The maintenance of employees health, safety and welfare should be top priority for the organisation. An organisation can create a secure or satisfying workplace for employees by ensuring a safe work environment, promoting health and wellness programs, managing health risks and addressing mental health concerns.

By creating a safe and nurturing work environment, organisations can support their employees, health, safety and welfare. It also improves productivity, job satisfaction, employer retention, turnover and overall organisational success.

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