Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Divas In Odisha

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Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Diwas In Odisha

Madhu Babu is the icon and pride for the Odia community. He has been known as “Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das”. Utkal Gaurav means “The Pride Of Utkal”.


Madhusudan Das was the prominent lawyer, politician , famous poet and social reformer, he played a crucial role in the freedom strategies In India. Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Divas celebrated annually to commemorate the birth anniversary of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. He was born on April 28, 1848 in the village of Satyabhamapur ( Near Paga-Bahugram) in Cuttack district of odisha.

He was a visionary person who believed in the power of education and social upliftment to bring positive change in the society. Madhu Babu served his entire life to serve his motherland and his people. He was an ardent advocate of women’s rights and he worked to promote women’s education.

On the celebration of birth anniversary of Madhusudan Das & Swabhiman Divas people across odisha pay tribute to his great leader, lawyer and idol by organising various events and cultural programs.

Significance Of Madhu Babu Jayanti

Madhu Babu Jayanti is a great event for the Odia community, it commemorates the birth anniversary of the great leader, politician, entrepreneur, social reformer and lawyer of odisha. Madhusudan Das was a great personality, intellect, courage and compassion.

He always believed in the principle of justice, equality and liberty. He played a key role in the movement for a separate province of odisha.

By the effort of Madhu Babu, Odisha separated from Bihar Province and on April 1, 1936 odisha created its own Province. This day is celebrated as “Utkal Divas” In Odisha. Madhu Babu founded the “Utkal Sammilani” organisation dedicated to the advancement of Odia language, literature, culture and industrial development. He was the first lawyer and graduate of odisha state.

Madhusudan Das is remembered as a visionary leader, pride of odisha (Utkal Gaurav) whose contribution towards odisha, odia people, odia language and culture are inspiring today.

How people celebrate Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Divas In Odisha

Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Divas is celebrated with great enthusiasm and fervour across odisha, India. People organise various events and cultural programmes to remember the life and legacy of Madhusudan Das.

Every year people organise events and cultural programmes in Salipur known as “Salipur Mohastav” with the remembrance of Utakal Gaurav Madhusudan Das Jayanti. This year Salipur Mahostav celebrated from 26th April to 28th April on the Salipur Market Ground.

Some of the popular celebration ways of Madhu Babu Jayanti or Swabhiman Divas by people of odisha community are highlighted below:

Cultural programmes

People organise cultural programs including music, dance and regional art to celebrate the birth anniversary of Madhusudan Das. These programs showcase the cultural heritage of Odisha.

Public Speeches

On this day public and eminent personalities give speeches about the life and legacy of Utkal Gaurav Madhusudan Das. These speeches highlight the values and principles of Madhu Babu.

School & Colleges Events

School & Colleges organise various competitions like essay writing, debates and quizzes to celebrate Madhu Babu Jayanti.

Charity Programme

Many people and famous personalities organise the charity Programme to help the poor and underprivileged sections of society. This programme includes charitable work like distributing food, clothes and other essentials to needy people.


On the birth anniversary of Madhu Babu people organise a procession and March to pay tribute. The people sing patriotic songs and slogans. This event explains the solidarity with Madhusudan Das’s vision and mission and shows their respect and gratitude towards the motherland.


Madhu Babu Jayanti & Swabhiman Divas is the day of celebration and remembrance of honouring the life & legacy of the great leader and lawyer of odisha. Madhusudan Das the man of great vision and courage, he always believed in the principles of equality, justice and liberty.

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