Leave application For Nuakhai Festival in English

Leave Application For Nuakhai Festival Celebration

Sometimes school and college students face difficulties writing a leave letter. In this article, we provide leave letter samples and Formats to attain Nuakhai Festival. Students can just read these posts and make changes where required.

Letter writing is an important topic for the students. It is not only important for school or college students but also it is very much essential for Competitive aspirants.

There are many festivals in the country India. Each individual of India celebrates many festivals based on their caste, religion and preference. Some of these festivals are declared holidays by the state and central government of India.

In odisha Nuakhai Festival is declared a State or Official holiday. This application is helpful for those students who live outside odisha state.This application can be written by a parent or student depending on various factors like school rules, students name and age , roll no, etc.

Application by Student


The Principal

ABC (School Name)

[Address / City]


Subject: [Leave application for attain Nuakhai Festival]

Respected Sir/Madam,

I am Naresh Tripathy (Your Name), studying at class 9, section B (Your Class & section) in your school. Sir/ Madam, this application is to inform you that I want to take leave from my classes on DD-MM-YYYY. On this day I have to attend the Nuakhai Festival in my native place. This festival is really important to me because it helps me to learn & know more about the tradition and culture of native place.

I hereby request for you to consider this application and grant me leave.

Thank You,

Yours Obediently,

(Your Name)

(Class & Section)

(Roll Number)

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