Human Resource(HR) Manager: Types, Duties, Qualities, Qualification, Skill, Career, Jobs & Salary

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Human Resource(HR) Manager

The individual person who oversees the organisational functions and administrative of a company or a business enterprise is known as Human Resource Manager or HR Manager. He/She plays an important role as a bridge between the Human Resource Management & employees of the business organisation. The manager is usually the head of the Human Resource Department or HR Department.

Nowadays HR Managers generally work in every industry. HR managers are to oversee, hiring, training and development of the company employee and structure of employment.

Duties Of HR Manager

A Human Resource Manager performs a wide range of tasks or duties depending on the type of organisation or business farm. Some of the important common HR Manager are pointed below:

  • Hiring, interviewing and Recruiting new staff for the business requirement.
  • Handle the relation between employees.
  • Managing employee benefit and compensation programs.
  • Ensure the health and safety of the employee on the job.
  • Communicate with other department heads to know about their staff & other functional information.
  • Design the job description and revise
  • Maintain the company laws and policies up to date.Develop & implement Human Resouce Strategies with proper business model plan.

Types Of HR Manager

For the sake of clarification types of HR Manager according to the organisation and business environment are categorised in to 4 types, they are:

  • Employee Relations Specialist
  • Training & Development Manager.
  • Recruitment & Placement Manager
  • Compensation & Benefits Manager.

Qualities/Qualification Of HR Manager

In order to be a successful HR Manager a person must have to know several managerial qualities. The HR Manager moves from organisation to organisation according to function, nature, size and location of the organisation. Generally such qualities or qualification are broadly divided into 4 categories these are:

A.Personal Attributes

B.Experience & Trainings

C.Professional Attributes

D.Academic Qualification

Personal Attributes

A successful HR Manager must possess some personal qualities to be succeed, such qualities are:


A HR Manager must be intelligent enough. It must have a commitment to prepare plans for 15 to 20 years in advance.

Communicative Skill

A successful HR Manager must have knowledge over different languages. It must be able to express and interpret policies and programmers correctly.

Analytical Ability

A successful HR Manager must have analytical ability. It enables them to take effective actions through effective foresight.

Educational Skill

The HR Manager must learn and teach skills. It enables them to learn and teach employees about organisational growth and more of their individual development.

Leadership Skill

The HR Manager must have leadership qualities that help in encouraging employees or subordinates to work with full confidence. He must have an open mind and adjustability to take on different matters efficiently.

Expression & Training

The success of Human Resource policy depends upon his experience and training. The previous experience and current training enables him to develop an appropriate environment for organisation.

So, it is desirable that a HR Manager must pass experience & training for betterment, so it is believed that practice makes a person become a successful manager.

Professional Attribute

Another quality that must be acquired by a HR Manager is professional attributes, it has its own importance in the global environment that requires the knowledge and skill of different disciplines so a HR Manager is required to develop such skills to be successful in his.

Academic Qualifications

The Academic qualification is yet considered as another quality of HR Manager. It has equal importance for a HR Manager as the experience and training it includes.

  • Degree from a recognised university.
  • Knowledge Of Local Language.
  • Degree In Business Management and Law.
  • Post-graduate Degree or Diploma In Human Resource Management.
  • Certification in Master In Business Administration (MBA)

Skill Required For Become HR Manager

Some of the most important skill of HR Manager, a individual person must know to become a HR Manager, they are:

  • Communication & Problem solving skills
  • Technical Skill
  • Organisational Skill
  • Negotiation Skill
  • Time Management Skill

Career as Human Resource Manager

According to the US Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS) predictions the HR Managers jobs will grow 7 percent from 2021 to 2031 around average for all types of occupation. The career as HR Manager is the most demanding or growing job in the future year.

How To Become A HR MANAGER?

To become a HR Manager you must have a bachelor degree to fulfil the minimum requirement for the job specification. Some of the companies prefer a Master In Business Administration (MBA) & Human Resource Management (HRM).

Human Resource Manager must be known for the highly motivated, organised, ethical and advanced leadership Skill for the development of organisation. He must be qualified by the training and education criteria.

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