How prevention of infectious or epidemic diseases and health can be controlled?

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How prevention of infectious diseases and health can be controlled?  

Epidemic disease is  a deadly disease. The disease is caused by the infection of the human host by the bacteria that causes the body to become sick. Microorganisms are socialized by means of water, air, animals, birds, insects etc. Prevention and control of this disease is very important.  

Based on the present situation in the world what precaution you will take to prevent infection disease


It is essential to first diagnose the disease correctly. Diagnosing liver disease involves taking various preventive measures and controlling the disease.  


Vaccination can prevent many types of infectious diseases. Public vaccination should be encouraged to protect against deadly diseases like measles, mumps, measles, polio, tetanus, cholera, plague, leprosy etc.  


Public awareness should be created through proper advertisement and the health department should be informed at the time of occurrence of communicable diseases.  


As soon as an infectious disease occurs, the disease can be cured with appropriate treatment and there is no possibility of infection. Therefore, the patient should start treatment as per the advice of trained specialists.  


The spread of disease is controlled by isolating the infected person from other healthy people.  


Workers treating infectious patients, doctors and nurses must stay in isolation without mixing with other healthy people.


Appropriate observation should be done on the infected patients and the staff treating them. By observing them for a few days even after the infection is cured, there is no possibility of the original infection.  

Control of reservoirs:

The place where infectious diseases grow and thrive is called a reservoir. It is transmitted by vectors from this base. Therefore, it is necessary to control the base with various cleaning products and diagnose infectious diseases. 


Bacteria are destroyed by cleaning with chemical cleaning products such as baking powder, potassium, permanent, carbolic acid, phylloyl, mercury perchlorate, chlorhexidine, hexachlorophene.  


Prohibition of people from an area where an infectious disease is spreading is called a quarantine, thereby controlling the process of infection.  

Cleanliness of the environment:

​​Cleanliness of the environment is essential for disease prevention. Keeping the indoor and outdoor environment clean reduces the chances of disease. Disinfection of garbage, sanitizing places, etc., prevents disease carriers such as mosquitoes and flies.  

Health Care:

Every person should be aware of the general rules to protect his health. It is necessary to keep clean by bathing and toilet, use clean clothes and bed, take care of nails, teeth, hair and keep them clean.

Proper intake of fresh fruits, food and pure water at the right time improves health. Personal health is maintained by doing exercise, yoga etc. regularly, in the morning time and in the evening time. Prevention of disease is possible with proper hygiene.

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