Groundnut Cultivation In Odisha – A Major Oil Seed Crops

Groundnut Cultivation In Odisha

Groundnut is cultivated as an economic and major oilseed crop in odisha state in rainy and summer seasons. Its seeds contain about 45 percent oil and 26 percent nutrients.

Soil for Groundnut Cultivation

The climate and soil in odisha state are suitable for Groundnut or groundnut cultivation. High yield is obtained from this crop in Sandy clay-loam (Dorsa) soil. Rainy day Groundnut is cultivated in low rainfall and dry land, and Dorsa soil (clay-loam soil) that does not have irrigation facilities, it is a pre-winter crop and after harvesting of paddy crop, this crop is cultivated in dry season by irrigating the paddy agriculture field.

Varieties Groundnut Seeds

Information on different varieties, yield, yield and oil content of seed Groundnut is provided in the table below:

Sowing Time Kharif season – Mid June

Rabi season – October /November

Summer season – Mid January

Seed rate 40 kg per acre for Kharif season and 50 kg for Rabi and summer season Groundnut cultivation, In this calculation, the seed is required for Showing.

Refinement and treatment Of Groundnut Seeds

Before 7 days of planting Groundnut seeds in the field, treat the seeds by mixing thiram at the rate of 3 grams per kg and carbendazim 2 grams per 1 kg Groundnut seed.

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