Good Friday: Significance Of Good Friday On Christianity

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Good Friday is celebrated Annually in the month of April. However the dates are not fixed, but the Western Christianity uses the Gregorian calendar whereas the eastern Christianity community uses the Julian calendar to celebrate the dates of Easter and Good Friday.

This day is otherwise known as Black Friday, Holy Friday, Great Friday, Great and Holy Friday, Holy and Great Friday. This year Good Friday Celebrated on April 7, 2023.

Like Muslims’ Mahram and Hindus Ram Navami, Christians around the world celebrate Good Friday as a day of mourning Lord Jisus. On this day, Mahatma Jesus was crucified in the Kus tree. It is a day of mourning for the Christian brothers and sisters. But the purpose of Christians to call it auspicious is that on this day Mahatma Jesus gave his soul to show them the true path.

How Good Friday Celebrated by Christian Community

Christians go to church to pray and worship and praise Jesus Christ because he was the one who showed the true path of religion and sacrificed his life to save people from sin. Christians give charity to the poor people on this day. It is considered a sacred duty to serve the disabled and the sick.

The secret of the creation of the festival

Jesus Christ said before his death – ‘After three days I will rise again’. His enemies thought it was a trick of Jesus. So they arranged guards near his grave. On the third day when the time of his resurrection came, an angel came down from heaven.

He rolled away the stone on the tomb and he sat on it. There was a strong earthquake and the guards became foolish. In the meantime, Jesus Christ came out of the grave with life again. Then he wandered around the earth for forty days. Again he ascended to the heavens of his own accord.

The life of Jesus Christ was not long. He lived only thirty years. In thirty years he showed many religious miracles. He gave life to innumerable dead people, gave eyes to the blind, and cured the diseases of the sick. As a result, thousands of people became his disciples and devotees.

On the contrary, more people became his enemies. Jesus was not worried about this. He preached the virtues of service, kindness, cooperation and help to the people. Jesus preached against tyranny and corruption in the name of religion.

Lord Jesus said:

There is only one precious thing in heaven and earth and that is a kind heart.

Jesus Christ


Good Friday is not meant for any particular sect of religion. It is meant for the entire human race. The challenge of the day is to be kind to everyone, to be forgiving, to be tolerant.

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