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Now is the age of science. Man has become stronger through science. We talk on the phone. Exact copies of the news that are being written with the conversation can be sent. This is a landmark innovation in communications. The machine that is needed for this is called a Pak machine or a Fak machine. The word is made up of three English characters – (FAX = FAR-AWAY-XEROX).

This translates to Facsimile Machine. Surprisingly, with the help of fax machines, any letter, application or picture can be sent from one place to another in a short period of time. With the telephone attached to the fax machine, the answer to whether the message was sent to the place where it was sent is immediately available. 

Demand for this speciality has grown significantly as a result of recent corporate scandals. It is more reliable than mailing a letter to a post office or sending it via Speed Post. It costs less than the postage.

Fax machine is an electronic device, using which any person can send his documents from any corner of the world. It was originally used in trade.

Do you know what a fax machine is?

Fax is one of the best inventions in the world of communication, whose use has increased rapidly in India. It also acts like a telephone system in India or all over the World.

This machine is used by connecting with STD telephone or personal telephone . With the help of this machine, any person sitting in any corner of the world can send or order documents. That is why here We will talk about the definition of fax.

All this work is done in a very short time. The cost is also less in this and your work is also done quickly in a few seconds. In this only STD and paper name of cost comes which is less. The full the fax is “Far Away Xerox”. Internet technology is used in this.

Birth History:

The birth history of the Pak Machine is very old. Although its construction is said to have begun in 1843, it was not popular until 1985. Because the machines at the time were not built by modern technology, those who used them faced many difficulties. It took a long time 

By 1985, the machine had undergone many changes. It involved the knowledge and equipment of modern science. It was possible to send applications and letters within a few seconds. Journalists sent detailed reports to the newspaper. This Is Called a Digital Machine, not a FACE machine. It is also known as the instantaneous communication machine

How Fax Machine Works:

 With the help of a simple fax machine, in other places where there is a fax machine, the letter is sent to the application, such as a letter. Since exact copies are all sent to standard. But the World Telephone and Telegraph Advisory Board asset aclear standard for this. Accordingly, the Faqe machine is divided into four parts. 

These minutes are six minutes, and on the machine, everything is possible in just one minute. The Machine is being manufactured using digital methods. The

G machine is not in public use and is only used for data collection. Where there are STD booths in public telephone booths, some people.


There are four rules and regulations that govern the operation of a fax machine. These Are:-

(a) reading the data transmitted by the ban. (b)Scholarly reflections on digital data

(c) exact circulation and

(d) precise printing of circulating reflections.

Last but not least:

The letter that was written by the general Sai Mission The application cannot be stored in the country. A few days later, the paperwork was gone. However, the state-of-the-art packaging machines that are now out of stock, such as cutters, laser printers, optical menus and photocopiers, can be stored for a long time without sugar or application. Research is underway to build more advanced packaging machines. Everyone in the age of science believes that it can be successfully implemented in the future.

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