F.W Taylor’s Scientific Management – Definition, Principles, and Advantages

F.W Taylors’s Scientific Management

In modern society, business organisations optimise their working operations and productivity capacity. Scientific management is one of the approaches to managing the business model. It was developed in the early 20th century by Fedrick Winslow Taylor. Scientific management is capable of focusing on efficiency, productivity and standardisation of the business management. In this post, we learn about the meaning of scientific management, principles of scientific management, Advantages and disadvantages and more things.   

Definition Of Scientific Management

Scientific management refers to the use of science in the field of management.

Scientific management means knowing exactly what you want men to do and seeing that they do it in the best and cheapest way. (FW Taylor)

Scientific management is the combination of two words, Scientific and management. Scientific means systematic objectivity and analytical approach and management means the art of getting things done through others.

The Birth Of Scientific Management

The birth of scientific management occurred during the Industrial Revolution when factories faced challenges in maximisation of output at minimum costs. Fedrick Taylor, an American engineer, addressed these issues and applied scientific methods to overcome the business management issues. He believes that by analysing the work process scientifically business organisations can achieve a higher level of efficiency and productivity.    

Advantages Of Scientific Management

1. Maximisation Of Profit

Scientific management helps in the enhancement of production which reduces the cost per unit. It increases the value of sales and enables the organisation to earn huge profits.

2. Reduction in cost of production

Scientific management helps in increasing production with the help of the latest technology. The economics of large-scale production reduces the cost per unit of the product.

3. Better Evality product

Scientific management helps in effective supervision and standardisation. It ensures the production of better quality products at a reasonable price. 

4. Effective Utilisation Of Resources

Scientific management ensures maximum utilisation of available resources. It helps to remove the wastage in the efficient movement of men, materials and machinery.

5. Lesser Production time

Under scientific management production operations are pre-planned. It enables every organisation to undertake production activities in less time.

6. Proper selection and training of worker

Scientific management is concerned with the proper selection, training and placement of workers according to the man selected for the right job.

7. The benefit of division of labour

Scientific management ensures the benefit of selection by dividing the work among the employees. It helps in carrying out business activities in the most economical and efficient manner.

8. Identification of consumers

Scientific management provides triple benefits to the consumer, they are;

  • Getting better quality product
  • Paying lesser price
  • Increasing the standard of living

9. Maintain cooperation between labour and management

Scientific management is considered to develop healthy cooperation between the management and the labour. It is concerned with changing the attitude of management and the workers towards each other.

10. Provision or better working condition

Scientific management helps in providing a proper atmosphere of work to workers. It is concerned with providing proper rest, lighting, safety provision of promotion etc. to the worker.

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