Essay on Unemployment In India

Introduction to Unemployment In India

Here we provide summery about the essay on Unemployment In India. The word unemployment means a man is able to work but there is no work or job. It becomes the life of a person, family and society of India. He/She who has no work or job to do is called unemployment. In today’s Modern world, money goes ahead and everything else goes behind.

Those who have no money in their hands and pockets, then no food in their stomachs. Those who spend their time without work are called unemployed.

Among all the problems of India, the problem of unemployment has now reached a critical stage. Millions of young men and women just sit with their hands folded from morning to till night. They have no business or job to do. They all sit unemployed after his/ her ending education course.

If there is no wealth in the hand, then. there is no happiness in the mind. The problem of unemployment gives birth to extremism, robbery, kidnapping, murder, family violence, dissatisfaction. Elsewhere the young man committing suicide and the unemployed person is involved in criminal activities.

Causes of Unemployment In India

If we analyze the causes of the unemployment problem, it is found that population growth is the main reason. In 1942, the population of India was 49 crores and then 44 crores in 1951. 140 crores have been crossed now in 2022.

The current population of India is 1,412,162,530 (1.426 billion). India is the second most populous country in the world. But the population of India has more than doubled in fifty to sixty years. Food, distribution, and work arrangements for everyone is really impossible and it has been a challenging situation for the Government.

The second reason for the problem of unemployment is the faulty planning of the government. In our country there is a plan for every five years. Plan upon plan but, there is no benefit from the plan. Before taking the vote, everyone is saying in their election time that they will create employment and provide employment benefits and schemes. But after the election, that promise seems to be watered down.

The third reason for unemployment is the development of mechanized civilization and the destruction of cottage industry. With the introduction of computer internet, fax in all offices and all sectors.The number of employees has decreased unexpectedly. The mills running in houses, cottages, and barns are kept in check. The problem of unemployment is rising.

In the past, people used to thresh the grain with a threshing floor. The labor supply decreased due to the exit of paddy fields.

The Fourth reason is the faulty education system In India. The Indian education system in modern times is largely irrelevant to the needs of the Indian economy. In modern time there is no linkage between education and employment opportunities. After completing their school and college education, for a number of years, men and women remain unemployed because they do not have practical training,useful skills and practical experience.

Lack of willpower is another major cause of unemployment. If you put your hands to work, your stomach will surely be full. That is why we must be willing. That is why it is said that working is better than sitting. If you do something instead of sitting and wasting your life, your stomach will not be full.

Solution to Reduce Unemployment In India

Solving the problem of unemployment is difficult. It should be a long term arrangement rather than a short term. Population decline is the first major factor of reducing poverty in India. If the natural resources found in the villages are invested, the problem of unemployment must be eliminated.

In general, the cottage industries can be revived if they make money by investing in coconut industry products such as canopy making, palm leaves, iron work, sculpture, book binding, painting, mechanics, bead work, cane craft, bow making work. If vocational education is introduced in high schools and colleges, the problem of unemployment will be eliminated.

Nationalized banks can provide more financial assistance to the unemployed youths by setting up shops, fruit growing, horticulture, banana farming, fishing, poultry farming, Dairy Farming cattle rearing, etc.

In Odisha and Chhattisgarh Naxal, Mao problem arises from the reason of unemployment. Everyone should think about solving the problem of unemployment.

The government should advise to act. If every scheme is successfully implemented, the problem of unemployment will be eliminated soon.

When the will power is awakened, it is useless. The problem will be solved. Stomach will not be empty if both hands are employed. The problem of unemployment will be solved soon.


Students and youth of India are the soul and future of India. They are the intellectuals and James of this country. In a world of scarcity, the ambitious can make their dreams come true. For as many as there are perfect differences, all have grown up in abject poverty.

India Government aims to increase employment programmes in India and also encourage the Self employment programme in India called as “Atma Nirbhar Bharat”. If all people are employed or work as self employed then the unemployment problem can be reduced.

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