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In this page we discussed about the essay on Travelling. Here we discussed about Different Ages, Benefits and Importance Of Travelling.


Man sometimes retires to get rid of the busy life. He participates in various cultural events to make good use of his retirement or free time. He wants to travel with him to different places. He feels bored sitting in one place. So he goes to five places and joins five people and enjoys joy. Exposure to many people widens the scope of knowledge.

Different Ages Of Travelling

In the long past most of the travellers were travelling using foot. In the case of the kings, emperors and great men they used Palkies & Chariot to travel from one place to another place. In ancient times peoples used horses, camels and elephants also to travel.

In the middle ages of ancient time sailing-ships were used for travelling from one country to another by travellers. In Europe coaches train by horses are used by travellers but at the same time in India much of the travelling was done by foot by Santh and Sadhus.

In the modern times things have completely changed by the vastly improved technology invented by humans. This technology helps not only the great men or rich men but also it helps all common people. By this, ships on water, aeroplanes, helicopters, trains and Buses are helps travellers to travel anywhere on the globe. So now this time the poorest traveller has no difficulty to cover any distance on foot.

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Some Great Travellers Of the World

History tells us about some of the famous travellers of the world named Marco Polo, Huen Tsang and Fahien. The polo brothers started their journey from Venice and went all the way to china. Huen Tsang and Fahien the two famous Chinese scholars started their journey from China all the way to India. In India Sankar travelled from Kerala to kamroop and Kashmir.#In 1948, portuguese sailor Vasco Da Gama found a sea-route to India from Europe. This sea-route helps directly connect Europe to India by going around Africa.

Purpose of Travelling

People want to travel for various reasons. However, most people go for pleasure. They desire to free the mind from a certain binding routine of life, new experience of the outside world, and a new environment that changes the mind.

Some people go on pilgrimage to enjoy the natural beauty of nature. Some people want to travel for health reasons. They Spend some time in healthy climates like Dehradun, Puri, Uttarakhand, Shimula and feel well. And some travel to different places to gain knowledge.

Traders and Business Man travel for their business purposes. When businessmen travel for business purposes called Business Tour. Researchers, historians and politicians travel the country in search of friendship and goodwill between countries.

Role Of Travelling In Education

In educational institutions, students travel to different places to gain knowledge about unknown facts. Place of travel in education Students read about history, geography and science etc. in relation to many sightseeing and historical places. Students at the school and college level go on trips to get first-hand and practical knowledge of what they read in books. By Travelling education touches reality and comes alive. Travel is considered an important part of the learning process. It is called a Study Tour.

Travel is a part of literature

The real picture of life experience is more touching when translated into literature. As a result of which, from the pure mind of literature, the evil way of creativity is manifested in different forms.

That is why great writers go on foreign tours at different times. What they gain from the direct experience of traveling abroad, they translate it into their own language. The stories of their experiences are an invaluable resource for North Men. Those travel stories become a psychological narrative of literature. Readers benefit from these in many ways, gaining knowledge and enjoyment.

Benefits of Travel

The Benefits of Traveling are many. It can increase the range of knowledge gained. He is visionary as he enjoys traveling to different places and peoples.

There is an exchange of values ​​between countries. Foreign exchange is earned through travel to foreign. Travel helps a lot in business growth and development.

Travelling expands communication skills and knowledge. By travelling someone visits different places with different individuals and understands their language, culture and traditions. It helps to communicate with different types of people in the world.

Travelling is also helpful for the school and college students to acquire knowledge about history and geography by visiting different historical and geographical locations.

It is helpful for the poet’s, philosophers, writers, photographers and painters by enriching their minds to the natural beauty of the natural sights, rivers, hills, lakes, forest, water-falls, wild birds & animals.

Travel is also helpful for health purposes like mental and peaceful minds. It brings in many physical and mental changes which do good for us by improving our body and mind.

Above all it gives direct knowledge to the students. They are able to assess the historical significance of the place.

Summary Of The Topic

Travel is an important part of human life. Today, with the advancement of science, civilization has developed. In that sense, the importance of travel is increasing every day. Every country is becoming economically viable by incorporating tourism into the industry.

The Government Of India and other countries also increased and developed the tourist place for the travellers. World brotherhood, friendship and national unity have been established through travel. Everyone should go on a trip to some place every year to increase their knowledge base and improve communication with different people and traditions.


The benefits and importance of travelling are so many we can’t be all described in words at a time. Today’s man must visit or travel somewhere at least once a year to enjoy their busy life.

Now life has become busy. So in order to get away from it, we should take to travelling for recreation and refreshment of the mind.


1.Who were the famous Foreign Travellers of ancient India?

Some of the most popular foreign travellers of ancient India are Fa Hien, Marco Polo, Ibn Battuta, Al Biruni and Hiuen Tsang

2.What are the benefits of Traveller?

Travellers always finds or Achieve peace of mind. When you travel you also Enhance your creativity, Improve your communication skills, Boost your confidence, Get real-life education, Make memories and Understand yourself.

3.What is role of travelling in education?

Travel is considered an important part of the learning process. It is called a Study Tour. Students at the school and college level go on trips to get first-hand and practical knowledge of what they read in books. By travelling education touches reality and comes alive.

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