Essay On Plantation Of Trees in 700 words

Plantation Of Trees:


Forests were the habitat of primitive man. He had a close relationship with the trees of the forest. The tree was the mainstay of his life. Therefore, humans have an innate love for the forest. Even now the forest creates excitement in our mind; But in keeping with the progress of civilization, we are selfishly destroying the breeding grounds of civilization culture. Shrinkage has come to the edge of the forest. The effects of deforestation are far-reaching. After hearing the warning bells of the destruction of civilization and the loss of life, man has focused on forest conservation and replanting the destroyed forests.

Afforestation is the creation of new forests where there are no forests. To achieve this, every year in the first week of July, people across the country are collectively involved in the tree planting program. In our country it is called the forest festival. The reason for forest conservation: ‘Trees are life, trees are gods’ – as long as man understood this principle of creation, the forest was inexhaustible and beneficial. Ever since the lack of love for trees, humans have been paying attention to the destruction of forests.

The idea of ​​’trees are friends’ has been gradually removed from his mind. Mankind has been prone to deforestation in order to solve the shortage of housing and agriculture due to population growth. Above Thirteen percent of the world’s cattle are in our country india. And their number is increasing day by day.

Forests are under heavy pressure for grazing animals. So people are cutting forests in pursuit of miserable conditions. Construction of multipurpose embankment schemes, hydroelectric power generation, digging of canals for irrigation, resettlement of slum dwellers, landless farmers, land for homeless people.Contribution of Jungle Elohim.

Every year in the first week of July, forest festival week is celebrated in our country to solve the problem created by natural deforestation. On this day, it is our duty to plant new trees. Therefore, the seedlings prepared by the forest department have been provided to the public free of charge or at a clear cost, and they have been attracted towards plantation. Steps are being taken to create new forests to reduce deforestation at the government level.

The creation of artificial forests has become possible through afforestation. Prominent among these afforestation schemes are riparian afforestation, reforestation, restoration of fallen forests, afforestation, social forestry, felled land afforestation, commercial afforestation, compensatory afforestation and urban afforestation. Due to lack of care after planting, fodder trees become fodder for cows and goats or die. Millions of rupees are wasted. Be careful about it. Corruption should not be tolerated in the name of fodder and plantation.

Forest Protection policy for plantation of tree and forest:

Since 1894, a national policy has been implemented for the protection and management of forests in our country. Emphasis was placed on forest management, maintenance and meeting public demand.

Public Awareness:

Public awareness needs to be increased for tree plantation. If there is a forest, there will be rain at the right time, the speed of the storm will be properly controlled; Everyone should know this. Every year at the government level programs are organized to increase public awareness like the National Forest Festival.The need for tree plantation is communicated to the public through the association. Free fodder is being provided for the plantation.

Various measures are being taken to protect the trees along with tree planting in rural areas through social forestry programmes. The public is requested to plant trees in abandoned and empty spaces. By making illegal cutting of trees a punishable offence, awareness about tree plantation is being raised among the people.

At the school level, various competitions are being held in connection with tree plantation to create awareness among the students and small childrens. Students and youth are the future citizens and next generation of tomorrow. If they are aware, the plantation work will be successful. Aggregate plantations have always been prioritised. Because there will be civilization only if there are trees. If the government just sits and makes laws, it will not work properly. On the other hand, this great work will be accomplished through public awakening and awareness about the advantages of plantation of trees. Adopting the principle of ‘A Child and A Tree’ as the mantra of life.


Every person should take the mission to plantation of trees in the free area of the local village and urban area. Because the safety of the world today depends on the sustainability of trees in large quantities all over the world. Plantation is therefore a national duty; With this attitude, every person should plant trees around his house. By this the work can reach the peak of success.

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