Entrepreneurship Development Syllabus For MBA

Objectives Of Courses

1. To sensitise the students to understand entrepreneurship as a career and skill required for it.

2. To provide knowledge on the entrepreneurial environment and related issues.

3. To encourage learner to take entrepreneurship as profession and to participate in business incubation.

Module- I


Concept of entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, Types of Entrepreneur, Nature and Importance, Entrepreneurial Traits and Skills, Entrepreneurial Motivation and Achievement, Entrepreneurial Personality, Entrepreneurship as a career, Role of family, Society EDIs. Sickness of Small-Scale Industries, Causes and symptoms of sickness, cures of sickness, Role of Banks and Governments in reviving industries.

Module- II

Environmental Analysis for Enterprise :

Entrepreneurial Environment, Identification of Opportunities, Converting Business Opportunities into reality. Start-ups and business incubation,Setting up a Small Enterprise. Issues relating to location, Environmental Problems and Environmental pollution Act, Industrial Policies and Regulations, identifying big idea, preparation of a Business Plan.

Accounting for small business, Working capital Management, Marketing Management, Human Resources Management, and Labour Laws. Organisational support services – Central and State Government Incentives and Subsidies.


Startup and Business Incubation :

Start up; Definition, Startups ecosystem: support organisations, big companies, universities, funding organisations, service providers, research organisations, Startup development phases, Ideating, concepting, committing, validating, scaling, establishing, Startup business partnering, Startup culture, Co-founders, Preparing to Launch : Financing startups : Different stages of financing; Co-founders, FFF, Angels; Venture Capitals, Business Incubation : Business Incubation Definition and Principles, Incubator Models and Success Factors, Business Incubation, Incubator Operation, Roles of business incubation.

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