Customer Relationship Manager: Career, Courses, Jobs & Salary

Customer Relationship Manager

Customer Relationship Manager is a professional person who is responsible for better interaction between the company & its valuable customers. He/She also aims to improve the customer base, satisfaction, loyalty & retention towards the company.

Customer Relation Manager Career

Career building as a Customer Relationship Manager can be challenging but it rewardable by skill, knowledge & experience.

The primary aim or role of a CRM Manager is to manage the relationship between company & its customers. He also improves the collection and analysis of customer data, developing & implementing strategies, improving customer engagement & retention and it also improves communication & support.

For Career building as a CRM Manager you need a combine skill of soft & technical knowledge likes:

  • Communication Skill
  • Analytical Skill
  • Technical Skill
  • Leadership
  • Customer Oriented Mindset
  • Team Collaboration
  • Time Management
  • Presentation Skill
  • Negotiations Skill

Customer Relationship Management Courses

A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) course is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of both practical & theory about the implementation of CRM in today’s business world with effective strategies.

This course is offered to the both Undergraduate or Postgraduate level of the students. The course is to give knowledge about how to build a strong bonding between customer and company.

The CRM Course Covers some of the important topic for the students, they are:

  • Introduction to CRM
  • Customer Data Management
  • Multi Channel Communication
  • CRM Software
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Lead Management
  • Customer Loyalty
  • Customer Retention
  • Ethics & Privacy

The course may also consider the practical study like: Case studies, group projects and live interviews with some business experts.

Customer Relationship Manager Jobs

Careers in CRM, Manager can build in various industries, companies, finance, Bank, retail, healthcare and technology. Some of the common job titles used in Customer Relationship Management Career Jobs are: Customer Relationship Manager, Customer Success Manager, CRM Director, Customer Advocate Manager, Customer Experience Director and Customer Relationship Manager Analyst.

Customer Relation Manager Salary

The salary of a CRM Manager varies depending upon the company, authority, locations and the experience & education degree of the Manager.

The average salary of a CRM Manager in the US is around $75,000 per annum. The salary of the manager can vary $45,000 to $1,18,000 per annum according to the above factors.

The larger companies, Bank, Finance and healthcare provide higher salaries for CRM Manager Post. Additionally managers who have advanced degrees and certified customer experience may also receive higher salaries.


Do Customer Relationship Managers Get Paid Well?

In the USA, an entry level Customer Relationship Manager in a call centre can make $39,000 a year and a Customer Relationship Manager for a sales position can make $59,000 per month.

So how can I become a Customer Relationship Manager?

You have a lot of customer service experience, it will help you to manage customers as well. However, this time you just have a certificate or degree in Customer Relationship Management is sufficient for a CRM post.

What Is a Customer Success Manager?

A customer Success Manager is responsible for customer satisfaction with company products and services. They work closely with customers to identify their needs and provide the best value of product and service to them.

What Is a Customer Relationship Analyst?

CRM Analyst is responsible for analysing customer data to improve insights into customer behaviours & preferences. He/she works closely with CRM Managers to develop strategies for improving customer engagement & retention.

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